Nothing beats going out with your friends and dancing all night, right? Well, some people compare this experience to real torture! As their shy character won’t let them enjoy this type of activity.

However, others have a more inhibited spirit and don’t care what others think as long as they have a good time!

Do you think you are one of them? Read on and find out which Signs are the first to get up and dance at a party!

#1. Sagittarius

When we talk about partying, we talk about Sagittarius! There’s no one like them to spark a crowd, especially if it involves a celebration. They LOVE to dance, and they can easily rock the night away.

Embarrassed? That word is not written in Sagittarius’ dictionary. They will move their whole body to the music, without shame or fear of criticism from the people around them. Now that’s an example to follow!

#2. Leo

You can guarantee that Leo will be the first person to get up and dance in front of a stage. They love the exposure and this is an ideal opportunity to have all eyes on them.

Plus, they know all kinds of dances and choreographies that they can’t wait to show off to others!

The more people are watching them, the faster they will start grooving to the music. Their uninhibited attitude is just something to admire.

#3. Aquarius

They may not be the most talented or sensual dancers, but Aquarians love to go out to parties and enjoy listening to music. Whatever kind it is!

They have fun fooling around with their friends and have no hint of shame in their bodies. That’s why they usually encourage others to take heart and let themselves be carried away by the music!

The present moment is the only thing that matters and others can mind their own business.

#4. Aries

There is nothing Aries won’t dare to do, as long as someone challenges them, of course.

If they are facing some kind of dance competition, it doesn’t matter if they don’t know how to perform! They will be the first ones to get up and go for it.

Aries wants to be the best, plus, they love to move their body and drain all that extra energy that keeps them awake at night.

What others may think about them is the least of their worries! In a few minutes, they’ll forget all about it.

#5. Gemini

Gemini is sociable, multifaceted, and can’t sit still. It is the perfect combination of people who like to dance all night long! From the time the sun goes down until it reappears on the horizon.

Thus, they are not only the first ones to get up and dance but also the last ones to do it! They love parties, noise, smoke, people, and anything that involves getting out of the house and having a good time.

#6. Libra

Libra knows how to attract the gaze of the people around them. They will be the first to get up and dance if they have their sights set on a prospective lover.

They will bring out all their seduction guns on the dance floor, and they are very good at it! They don’t just move their body in any old way, but know about rhythm and aesthetics, earning the admiration of others.

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