There are certain dramatic films that can move even the toughest of hearts. However, there are those people you can’t go to the movies with as they will cry strenuously no matter who they have around them.

Whether it’s because of their great sensitivity or their empathetic nature, let’s check out which Zodiac Signs can’t stop crying at the end of a movie:

#1. Pisces

Pisces are likely to cry every day for one reason or another. They cannot help but feel the pain and love others do, as they are highly empathetic.

And even more so with movies! They can immerse themselves in the plot in only a few seconds, experiencing the characters as part of their lives. No wonder they can’t stop crying at the end of the movies!

#2. Cancer

Cancer has one of the biggest hearts in the Zodiac. Although they try to hide it under their hard shell, they are often moved by sad movies, especially those reminding them of better times.

The more nostalgic the movie, the more likely they are to end up crying for a long time at the end, unable to hide it from their loved ones.

#3. Libra

Libra has a soft spot for chick flicks and no matter if the ending is happy or sad, they can’t help but cry at the end.

They imagine themselves going through the same exploits as the main character and dream of having love in their life as great as the one in the movies.

#4. Sagittarius

Dreams and expectations for a better world move Sagittarius to tears. If the movie ends with all the enemies defeated and the heroes enjoying a prosperous future, they’re sure to cry.

And since Sagittarius tends to be a bit over the top, they may cry loudly, making a fuss around them.

#5. Leo

Leo is not only dramatic and emotional. Deep in their hearts, they also dream of starring in one of those movies they so dearly love.

There are a few in particular that are personal favorites and no matter if they have seen them a hundred times, they will cry their eyes out at the end of each one.

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