I know it sounds childish, but storms can be a terrifying experience for many people! Especially when it’s nighttime, everything is dark, and there’s no one in the house for moral support.

Of course, there are some very brave individuals who ride it out like champs! And there are others who are just too fearful and start envisioning dreadful scenarios in their head, staying awake until the storm passes.

Do you have in mind which Zodiac Signs would fit into this role? Keep reading and let’s find out together!

#1. Cancer

They will never let others know, but deep down, Cancer is extremely skittish! They are startled by unexpected noises, they hate surprises, and don’t like to be alone during stormy nights.

They won’t admit it, but it turns out that every time a storm is announced on the news, Cancer calls a friend and invites them over for a sleepover!

Coincidence? Of course not! They just need a backup to get through the night without further eventualities.

#2. Pisces

Pisces have an extremely fanciful mind, plus they are very emotional, there’s no doubt about it. That’s why when there’s a storm, they end up in complete anguish.

They think of all the homeless people who are suffering during that night, not to mention all the helpless animals that are getting wet out there in the open!

This breaks Pisces’ hearts so much that they will spend the whole night crying until the last drop of water falls from the sky.


#3. Libra

Although these Signs tend to be more rational than the others mentioned above, Libra is quite frightening as well.

They don’t like horror stories, disturbing noises, or gloomy days. Thus, stormy nights are the perfect formula for distressing them!

Their delicate spirits will lead them to think of all sorts of far-fetched situations, such as a murderer breaking into their house, or a tree landing right in their room. They usually play loud music or turn the TV on full volume to forget these ideas.

#4. Gemini

Gemini is also a rather jumpy sign, as their minds are always racing and they have a hard time sleeping soundly at night. Now, imagine during a storm!

They fear them greatly since every time one hits, they stay up all night. No matter what they try to cover up the noise and relax, they just end up accepting that they won’t be able to rest that night.

The next day Geminis struggle with their daily tasks because of this, so they end up dreading storms.


#5. Sagittarius

Don’t be fooled by the positive animosity of these characters! They are constantly looking for blissful moments only because they fear any catastrophic contingency.

When they are left alone at home during a stormy night, with no one to see them, their fears will awaken! Making them pray to one of their many deities to survive the storm (even though it is probably harmless).

Sagittarius is very dramatic, therefore, a little rain may seem like a major disaster to them.

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