Flirting is an art.

One that many people work hard to perfect. It isn’t an easy skill for the socially awkward.

Then others are effortless flirts. Who often don’t even realize they are doing it.

That can lead others to find themselves having crushes on these natural flirts. Who thought they were just being friendly.

These types of people think they made a friend, only to discover the other person thought they were making a move.

Let’s take a look at the zodiac signs that flirt without realizing it.

1. Pisces

Pisces appears to always be flirting with everyone. And they might be.

It can be very hard to tell if a Pisces is flirting. They are naturally friendly people and also enjoy lifting others with compliments. It’s a very thin rope they walk.

Even close friends have a hard time figuring out if Pisces is flirting with someone. They may try to set Pisces up on a date. Only to find out they were not only not flirting but didn’t even like the person.

This can leave Pisces confused about their behavior. They like and want to be friendly and keep the peace. But they get tired of every person they are talking to suddenly asking them out.

They just want some new friends.

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is friends with everybody. And has accidentally flirted with everyone, too.

Even when Sagittarius is captivated by a single person, they can tend to appear unfaithful. It is in their nature to be bright and attentive with whoever they are speaking to.

So, partners may become jealous and see this as Sagittarius straying.

It can be extremely hard to tell the difference between platonic and romantic love. Sagittarius just wants everyone to feel good about themselves.

They shower others with compliments and praise. Which can easily be misinterpreted as heavy flirting.

Even when Sagittarius is flirting, it is hard to tell the difference. Especially if the person has gotten used to their bubbly nature.

3. Gemini

Gemini is a social butterfly who wants to know everything about everyone.

Their deep interest in others is generally taken as romantic interest. This is because society tends to demand everyone be kept at a distance, except romantic partners.

Gemini is genuinely baffled when they are asked out. Most of the time the other persons flirting goes right over their heads.

It wasn’t what Gemini was intending to do, so why should they be paying attention to returned interest?

When Gemini is flirting, it will be more awkward than expected. While Gemini is a natural people-person they aren’t good at intentionally flirting.

The conversation that flowed easily before turns into a jumbled mess. They stumble over simple phrases and turn red at their sudden inability to talk. It is a surprising and cute side to others when they realize what’s happening.

Gemini finds it mortifying

4. Libra

Libra is a naturally flirty person.

They are kind and friendly, often leading others to believe they are being flirted with.

The difference between Libra and the other zodiac signs above is they know they come off as flirty. It enables them to get their way in more situations because of it.

If Libra intends to flirt with someone, they will appear laser-focused on that one person. They will make it obvious.

There are times, though, where Libra legitimately just wants to be friendly. No manipulative flirting. But they can’t turn it off.

So, when Libra tries to make friends, they end up being asked out. Or worse, have an impulsive, romantic move put on them.

If they are trying to enjoy that person in a friendship way, it can throw Libra off hard. They thought they were doing good for once. That wasn’t what they wanted.

5. Leo

Leo doesn’t mean to flirt.

Okay, maybe they do. But when they aren’t actively trying to flirt with someone, Leo radiates confidence in an irresistible way.

Leo carries themselves with poise in a way that makes others stop and stare. They are the types that make others feel honored when Leo pays attention to them.

Leo is fully aware of their influence on others. And they love it.

Leo uses it to get their way more often than not. They don’t flirt with others that much. It takes a rare person to capture Leo’s interest enough to put in the effort.

When Leo is intentionally flirting, it will be very obvious. To them at least. To the person they are flirting with, it may look like Leo is asking them for an ego boost.

Leo will shower the person in compliments, fully expecting the same back.

Leo is a very critical person and doesn’t compliment others as often as people think. So, if a Leo is genuinely complimenting another person, they had better respond in kind.

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