Let’s face it, romantic relationships can be terrifying.

Sure, they’re fun, and if you find the right person, they can last for the rest of your life and help you fulfill all kinds of fantasies, but very few people get there on their first try.

Because of this, many people are hesitant, if not afraid, to jump into a relationship where they can get hurt.

Not these signs, though.

These signs will plunge straight into a romantic relationship without a second thought.


aries zodiac sign

Passionate and impulsive, it’s no wonder that Arians tend to fall in love too hard, too fast.

Rams are always looking for the next big adventure, always looking for new experiences and, at the end of the day, a new relationship can fulfill that and more.

When the opportunity to fall in love presents itself, Aries takes it without a second thought. Sure, there might be consequences for it, but they’ll handle them when they face it.

In the meantime, they’ll ride the experience while they can.

When in love, Aries will try their best to make it work. They’ll pour time, effort, and money into their relationship, and they won’t hesitate to take charge of it to ensure everything works out as they want it to.


gemini zodiac sign

Geminis chase after novelty and adore the beginning stages of a romantic relationship.

The feeling of freedom, the thrill of the unexpected, the excitement of experiencing something for the first time.

Gemini loves it all.

Gemini loves it so much, in fact, that it might seem like they’re more in love with the concept of a relationship than the person they’re in a relationship with, and this love pushes them to take their relationships very seriously from the start.

It’s no wonder, then, that some people complain about Geminis being too clingy and needy at the start of their relationship.

Once the new relationship has lost its shine, there are two ways it can possibly go.

Either Gemini will call it off once they fall out of love.


Gemini will fall in love even deeper and will pursue a serious relationship with a lot more confidence and maturity.

Whatever they choose, they won’t hesitate to take action, so you’ll know what they’ve decided right away.


libra zodiac sign

For a sign that values stability and peace so much as Libra, you’d think they’d be incredibly picky when it comes to love, but that’s simply not the case.

Libras are good-natured and kind, so they tend to see the best in people even when most people have given up.

This means that Libras, will often give chances to people who have been overlooked by others, and if the other person returns the attention, there’s a pretty good chance Libra will fall for them.

Because Libras try to see the best in others, they’ll look at others with the same rose-colored lenses, which can make them assume their relationship is going better than it really is.

This, of course, means that a Libra who’s in love is very easy to take advantage of, which unfortunately a lot of people do.

Once hurt, Libra will retreat to lick their wounds, promising themselves that they’ll be more careful with their hearts from then on.

Of course, this resolution doesn’t tend to last long, as Libra is always willing to give other people a chance.


sagittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarians aren’t known for being romantics, but this sign can sure know how to love.

They’re passionate, brash and bold, and will jump into a relationship with little to no thought for the future.

Sure, being in a relationship means there’s always a risk of getting hurt, but that’s something Sagittarius will deal with when it happens if it happens, and in the meantime, they’ll enjoy being in love.

Free-at-heart and always looking for new experiences, a Sagittarius’s love may be a short-lived one, but while it exists, it will burn with an intensity and a passion you won’t find anywhere else.


pisces zodiac sign

Sensitive, loving, and emotional, Pisces love falling in love more than they love the person they’re in love with.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t love their partner, they do, and they’ll always try their best to be there for them in every way they can, but Pisces is romantic by nature, and they live for the feeling of being in love.

Pisces rush towards love because they can’t fathom living without it, and while it might sometimes land them in hot water, they’re not afraid of doing it over and over again.

When in love, Pisces will devote themselves completely to their partner and will put in a sincere effort to make their relationship something straight out of a fairy tale.

It can be exhausting and overwhelming to those who are on the receiving end of such affection, but if that’s your kind of thing, a Pisces can be quite a catch!

Just remember that you also need to work to make the relationship work, as Pisces won’t feel alright with you if they don’t feel loved.

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