Neighbors can be either your best friends or your worst nightmare. Generally, this depends on each person’s character: if they are more outgoing, talkative, or if they don’t like anyone meddling in their business.

If you find this intriguing, I invite you to read on and join me in learning about the Zodiac Signs who are likely to end up fighting with their neighbors.

#1. Capricorn

Capricorn has little patience for people in general. They are true hermits, as they love solitude and silence. Their home is their sanctuary and anyone who dares to disturb their peace will suffer the consequences.

This is why there are many things that their neighbors can do to irritate them and lead them to quarrel.

Either by the amount of noise they make, the sound of their voices, their inquiries, the way they dress… Anything can disturb the peace of Capricorn who will not wait for a second to let them know. And not in a nice way.

#2. Virgo

Virgos are irritable, judgmental, and very demanding. Almost no one can meet their high standards, and their neighbors are not far behind.

They will find a thousand reasons to criticize them and make a fuss about all sorts of things. Even situations that don’t bother regular folks!

Whether it’s the sound of their footsteps on the floor, their harmless pets that come to greet them, or the way they randomly come knocking on their door!

Virgo will show their fury and drive them away with their bad temper. Their neighbors won’t ever make the mistake of bothering them again.

#3. Aries

Aries are very reactive individuals. They act without thinking about the consequences, which can infuriate their neighbors many times.

You can often see them fighting or arguing over situations that Aries could perfectly avoid if they took the time to evaluate. Deep down, they don’t want to be lousy neighbors! But occasionally they manage to exasperate everyone.

And instead of apologizing and going home, they get into a fight. They can’t help but try to defend their honor, even though sometimes they don’t deserve it.

#4. Taurus

Taurus is very stubborn and finds it hard to adapt to other people. For this reason, they are not fond of having many neighbors around. If they can be alone, surrounded by nature, all the better!

They enjoy peace and quiet and can get very upset if someone interferes with them. Therefore, they are very prone to complain to their neighbors, especially if they are young and rowdy. Being at home is synonymous with relaxation, and if they have to fight for it, so be it!

#5. Leo

Leo needs things to be their way or the highway. Period. If anyone dares to go against their designs, they will be met with fury and temper.

That’s why their neighbors have to be docile and not try to impose themselves on Leo. As long as this is the case, peace will reign in the neighborhood and nobody will encounter any problems!

But if it is otherwise, Leo will not hesitate to fight with them and show who is the boss.

#6. Cancer

Although Cancer appears friendly and withdrawn, they are very protective of their privacy. They need to surround themselves with neighbors of equal character! What they fear most is having to engage in forced small talk.

Not to mention if a neighbor tries to visit and be their friend! Cancer will become very defensive and their rude behavior will lead to arguments and fights.

But if others respect their private space, they will keep themselves in line and befriends only when it is strictly necessary.

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