There are several reasons why someone might break their cell phone screen! It could be out of anger, impatience, or just plain carelessness.

Now, having to constantly change cell phones because of a cracked screen can’t be pleasant at all!

But there are some Zodiac Signs who just don’t seem cut out to keep a phone in good shape. Can you guess which ones they are? Read on and see if you’re right!

#1. Pisces

The truth is that Pisces does their best to keep both feet firmly on the ground… but unfortunately, they can’t manage it! They can’t avoid tripping over people by looking up at the sky, or perhaps dropping things when they become engrossed in one of their many fantasies!

And what comes out of this self-absorbed attitude? Yes, their phone drops at least once an hour! In the bathroom, in the street, even in the subway. Sometimes they end up not only with a broken screen but with their device completely shattered.

#2. Aquarius

Somewhat similar to Pisces, Aquarians also have their heads set in a distant world. Although they love technology and always buy the latest cell phone, they end up forgetting where they keep it.

When they turn their pants pocket or wallet upside down, the phone ends up falling out and cracking the screen. And they don’t learn their lesson! They throw it away periodically since they are not attached to material things and forget about it again.

#3. Aries

Aries does not know how to control their impulses. When something gets on their nerves, they tense up and need to vent this energy on the first thing they can find! Whether it’s yelling at someone, or yes… throwing their phone right on the floor.

Of course, they will regret it later and get even more furious. But unfortunately, until they learn to deal with their temper or impatience, there won’t be a safe cell phone anywhere near them!

#4. Scorpio

Something very similar to Aries happens with Scorpio, but this one takes their fury to another level. Scorpios tend to keep things to themselves, and build them up until they explode like a volcano!

So, it may not happen too often, but when they do blow up, they break not only the screen of their cell phone… but the entire device. They probably change their phone at least 3 times a year, right after these triggering episodes.

#5. Gemini

Geminis are a mix of being clumsy, impatient, and oblivious. They love to juggle many activities at the same time, as multi-tasking is their middle name.

Now, while making coffee, writing an email on their laptop, and changing clothes, they can’t help but drop something… most of the time it’s their phone that’s left lying on the corner of their bed, inevitably breaking its screen.

#6. Leo

And then we have Leo! They suffer the most when their cell phone screen crashes… It’s just that they spend so much time using social networks! They use their cell phone to promote their business, network, and take care of important personal matters.

They use it so much that sooner or later they end up dropping it, which results in a mini-crisis for these signs who won’t take half a day to look for a replacement.

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