These Zodiac Signs are BAD at MATH

These Zodiac Signs are BAD at MATH

  • August 10, 2021

Yes, we know that math is not many people’s cup of tea. There are some who simply have other interests to pursue, and others who don’t want to waste time doing calculations in their head.

But beyond those, there is another category. There are certain Zodiac Signs that no matter how hard they try, they can’t be good at math! It doesn’t matter if it’s when giving an exam or simply when going to buy gum at the supermarket.

Afraid you’re on the list? Then read on and find out for yourself.

#1. Pisces

Pisces could be considered the sworn enemies of Math. These signs are very perceptive to other dimensions and intuitive premonitions. Now, if you ask them to explain something logical or rational, you’ve lost them!

It’s hard for them to sit down and reason out those math problems shown on the board, but not only that! Even doing a simple math problem like estimating the time to go from home to work is a nightmare for these fanciful signs.

#2. Sagittarius

Sagittarians loathe wasting time studying, especially Math. Why stay cooped up in a room counting numbers when you can be out searching for new adventures?

Perhaps they could become good at math, but if they can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes, what’s the point? In the meantime, they will continue to flunk and push this course away from their exciting lives.

#3. Aries

Aries also prefers to go outside, enjoy the sun, and practice sports rather than studying math. They tend to get the best grades in gymnastics and constantly fail in this area.

Later on, they avoid studying topics such as accounting or engineering, no matter how much their parents ask them to! They know they don’t have the desire or the patience to sustain that career for so long.

#4. Cancer

Cancer is not a lover of logic. They like literature, music, and art and their interests lie in these subjects. When it comes to solving financial matters in their business, they always call someone else who knows how to do the math better.

If they were to try it, they would be very insecure about their mental calculations, no matter how many times they go over it. So, they skip that step and directly contact an expert to take care of it.

#5. Taurus

The thing about Taurus is that they don’t like to strain their minds too much. They take a long time to solve math problems, for until they are sure that everything is correctly done, they do not dare to give a result.

This ends up greatly demotivating them and they neglect this field before developing a good understanding of it. Maybe if they make an effort, they will become good mathematicians, but for now, they prefer to dedicate their time to cooking or drinking.

#6. Leo

Leo prefers to use their wit and charisma in artistic and social pursuits. Math does not involve wearing a nice outfit, sharing with friends, or going out dancing.

So they never practice it and, for lack of habit, end up being very weak at it. They also feel they don’t need it since the calculator on their cell phone will be more than enough when required.


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