Nothing in life is black and white.

The good things have their downsides, the bad things have their silver linings and, in general, though we all prefer to acknowledge only the positives, it’s important to keep the negatives in mind.

Every Zodiac sign showcases certain traits, which are often described as “positive” or “negative.”

What most people fail to acknowledge, though, is that even those positive traits have their downside, and that’s something we consider very tragic.

When the traits that give you the ability to stand out and soar to new levels also make your life a lot harder, that’s a tragedy.

When you have the ability to read others and understand what they’re thinking, yet simultaneously fail to acknowledge your own emotions, that’s a tragedy.

When your strength makes you feel vulnerability, when your passion makes you destroy everything you’ve worked for and when your thirst for adventure makes it impossible to find any semblance of stability, those are tragedies, even though they come from a good place.

Today, we’ll analyze how each of the Zodiac sign’s greatest traits are also their downfall.

These are the Zodiac’s greatest tragedies.


While Aries are usually honest and sincere, they often pretend to be stronger than they are.

To be fair, Aries can be pretty strong and resilient, but they often try too hard to appear untouchable.

This means of course, that many Aries feel like they shouldn’t show any vulnerability, which in turn makes them unlikely to reach out for help when they need it.

Aries are powerhouses, but even they have their limits.


Taurus’s most famous trait is also their biggest weakness and that alone is pretty tragic.

A Taurus’s stubbornness is certainly no joke.

Sure, Taurus can use their stubbornness to their advantage and accomplish pretty much everything they set their minds on, but this stubbornness translates to inflexibility and a general inability to adapt.

For Taurus, it really is the way or the highway, and they’ll often find themselves missing out on fun adventures or life-changing opportunities because they simply were unable to give in.


The saddest thing about Geminis is the number of opportunities they’ve missed because of their indecisiveness.

It’s one thing to miss out on a great opportunity because you chose wrong, and a whole other thing to miss out because you simply didn’t choose.

This also extends to people.

While Geminis are often charismatic enough for people to want to hang out with them, most people just don’t trust them.

Sure, they could be amazing individuals, but a flaky and inconsistent person isn’t the kind of person you want to trust with something important.


Cancers are well known for their sensitive personalities and strong emotional attachment to their friends and family.

While none of these things are negative or sad, the fact that many people can easily take advantage of a Cancer’s feelings is certainly tragic.

Cancers are generally ruled by their emotions, which makes them very easy to be manipulated by the people they love.

Even when no one is out there actively trying to manipulate them, Cancer’ are often sensitive enough that they’re still easily led by what they’re feeling rather than logic.


Everyone knows that Leos can be pretty self-absorbed, to the point that Leos themselves will accept this without a problem.

What many Leos don’t realize, though, is that most people can see right through the glamour and tell just how desperate Leos are for attention.

The tragedy is that only Leos think of themselves as highly as they wish others thought of them.

In their mind, Leos might be delivering a passionate speech where every member of the audience is hanging on their every word.

In reality, people are looking at their phones, wishing Leo would just stop talking and taking up everyone’s time.


Virgo’s most tragic trait is that they often turn their hypercritical personalities towards themselves.

Sure, being on the receiving end of Virgo’s constant stream of unsolicited advice and little “helpful” tips can be incredibly annoying, but it’s important to understand that Virgos are even worse towards themselves.

If you think a Virgo randomly pointing out that you could dress better is bad, imagine having that in your head at all times.

Virgo’s harshest critics are themselves, and they’re relentless about tearing themselves down in their attempt to reach perfection.


Libra’s saddest trait is that they’re so desperate to be liked by everyone they often forget they should like themselves.

In their attempt at keeping everyone in their lives happy, they’ll often betray their own principles or, even worse, may fail to develop them at all.

It’s not uncommon for a Libra to not know who they are without the opinion of others.

They often make choices and shape themselves based on what other people think, and if that’s not incredibly tragic, we don’t know what is.


The saddest thing about Scorpio is how they seemingly have no control over their passion.

Their passionate personalities give them the drive to achieve anything they set their mind to but also make them very likely to take things too far when they’re angry.

Scorpios are perfectly capable to destroy everything they’ve worked hard to achieve in a fit of rage and if that’s not tragic, we don’t know what is.


Everyone knows that Sagittarians love to travel and that they’re not the kind of people who enjoy settling down and never leaving their hometown.

What most people don’t know, though, is just how pressing the need is, and how frustrating it can be for Sagittarius to feel this way.

There’s also a certain tragedy in the fact that thanks to their constant need to move, Sagittarians find it very hard to lead a stable life.

Sure, traveling and doing new things is fun, but sometimes all you want to do is go back to whichever place you call home.


Capricorns are known for being cerebral people who enjoy thinking about things.

They’re also known about being tremendous overthinkers.

The problem with Capricorn is that they overthink things so much they often have trouble simply enjoying the moment.

They’re very likely to catastrophize even the smallest of events, and while these careful planners may have fail-safes for everything, they’re often too worried about the worst-case scenario to really enjoy whatever it is that they’re doing.


The most heartbreaking thing about Aquarius is the contradiction they experience when it comes to feelings.

They’re simultaneously perceptive and dense when it comes to emotions, in the sense that they’re very aware of how they feel, but they often struggle to understand how others are feeling.

Aquarians often lack empathy because of this.

They’ll be able to explain why they do the things they do and why they feel how they do, but asking them to do the same with others is something that’s, generally, out of their reach.


The most heartbreaking thing about Pisces is just how easy they are to fool.

Because they want to live in a better world and always attempt to see the best in others, Pisces can be easily fooled and manipulated, and many people around them are more than willing to do just that.

There’s something very sad about someone who desperately wants to trust others being taken advantage of over and over again.

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