Body positivity is the idea that no matter the shape of your body, your height, or any other things that may not be model-perfect, your body is worthy of love and respect.

Essentially, it encourages people to love the body they’re in. Embrace every curve and every wrinkle instead of spending countless hours and dollars trying to change it.

Not every sign out there is capable of overlooking what they perceive as their flaws, but the following 5 zodiac signs are naturals when it comes to body positivity.


One of the most stubborn signs out there, it’s no wonder why Taurus is in this list. After all, their ‘my way or the highway‘ attitude is ideal for this kind of scenario.

Tauruses are known for making the most out of any situation, and that includes their body.

Rather than focusing on what they could change and “improve,” they focus on how to use what they’ve got, meaning they’re practically born knowing how to embrace themselves.



Proud and confident, Leos are known for loving themselves above all. Especially above the criticism of others.

Leos not only embrace everything that makes them themselves but know how to take advantage of it, showing the world just how attractive they can be even if they’re sporting some unconventional looks.

Leos know how to value themselves, how to play to their own strengths and, more importantly, they know how to make other people appreciate them for who they are.

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While they can be voluble and more than a little uncertain, Geminis are generally fantastic at ignoring negative opinions and even negative self-thoughts

Not only are they good at shutting down unwanted criticism, but they’re excellent at shutting down self-doubts and insecurities, meaning that they won’t be overcome by self-doubt anytime soon.

Fake it til you make it” may sound like bad advice, but those born under this sign almost always make it work.


Not known for their perfectionist tendencies, those born under this sign are naturals at accepting themselves exactly how they are or at least not feeling any pressure to change themselves to fit other people’s tastes.

Few signs are as adverse as putting themselves down as Sagittarius, and while this can result in a certain lack of self-awareness, it also leads to heaps and heaps of self-confidence.

In the rare case that they’re not completely satisfied with how they look, Sagittarians can strive to change themselves, but this pressure comes from wanting to improve themselves and achieve better things, not from a place of self-hate.

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Known for being responsible and good at planning in the long-term, Aquarians are capable of embracing the concept of self-love and self-care without falling in overindulgence.

They know when to pamper themselves, yes, but they also know when to pull the breaks and focus on taking care of their bodies.

This tendency towards taking care of themselves is a natural extension of taking care of others.

Aquarians are well aware that good looks aren’t eternal, so they choose to take care of themselves and nurture their minds and bodies to help their loved ones as long as they can.

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