Forgiveness is hard for everyone. Especially when the person who wronged you isn’t remorseful about their actions.

Some can forgive and forget, while others forgive, but never forget. And of course, some will never forgive at all.

They can give the appearance that they are fine with the person. Though things will never quite be the same. All trust and love will be lost.

Let’s take a look at the top four zodiac signs that never forgive for wrongs done to them.

1. Leo

Leo has a strong sense of self-worth. They know their value and their boundaries. When someone crosses a line with them, they effectively become dead to Leo.

They will make it obvious they don’t like being around the person who has wronged them. Body language, blunt comments, and physically leaving the space are all likely. Leo isn’t going to be around someone with bad energy.

The person may be expelled from the friend group if they hurt Leo. This is because Leo won’t bother holding back all the details from the other friends.

And if what they did was bad enough to make Leo unable to forgive them, then it’s likely everyone will follow suit.

Leo is a leader of their friend groups. There is a pride mentality that if the leader is hurt, everyone is.

Once the person is gone, they will never be spoken of again.

2. Taurus

Once Taurus has been pushed past their infinite patience, they can hold a grudge forever.

Taurus is a zodiac sign that when their loyalty is lost it can be felt like a physical blow. It is hard to hurt a Taurus beyond repair. If someone manages to do so, it is impossible to come back from.

There will be no more forgiveness or chances. Taurus gave them so many, and yet the person chose to ignore them and continue the bad behavior.

Taurus is an odd blend of passive-aggressive and truthful bluntness. They don’t enjoy conflict but will be very matter-of-fact after a while.

If it had gotten to the point that Taurus became unable to forgive someone, chances are they told them in detail what was bothering them. Many, many times.

Certain zodiac signs can be pushed past their limit, Taurus is not one of them.

Taurus is tired of giving the person the benefit of the doubt. And now they are done with forgiveness.

3. Cancer

Cancer doesn’t think anyone deserves a second chance.

Cancer believes that if someone intentionally makes a decision that they know would hurt them, they don’t deserve forgiveness.

It is likely the person knows exactly what they did. And Cancer will drop them like a hot pan. Why hold onto something that is burning you?

Cancer has often been told they need to be more forgiving. Usually by people who have crossed the line with them before, and are looking to do it again.

Cancer isn’t interested in allowing people who hurt them back in. They are fully aware of when people are trying to use them.

Cancer is almost psychically aware of others’ intentions. They can feel when others try to use them, that they will overstep boundaries, or are self-serving.

And that’s before Cancer is friends with them.

Once friendship is established Cancer will give them no more than one chance to stay in their good graces.

If they prove Cancer’s initial assessment of them was wrong, there is no going back.

4. Scorpio

Scorpio is selective of their circle.

They aren’t offended by people outside it getting nasty with them. They aren’t a trusted confidant.

But when a close friend genuinely hurts Scorpio, there will be no forgiveness.

Scorpio is careful who they give trust, loyalty, and love too. When that is thrown back in their face, it hurts Scorpio more than the person could know.

And it is likely to scar Scorpio in a way that will never let them look at other people the same way again. There will always be a mistrust of others no matter how close they get.

The lack of forgiveness extends to everyone, not just the one person who hurt them. Scorpio has a natural me vs the world mentality. It’s multiplied tenfold every time a friend or loved one hurts them.

They don’t want to be so isolated. For as much as Scorpio likes alone time, they don’t want to be lonely.

Feeling misunderstood and disconnected is painful for Scorpio. It’s their calling in life to try and find a group that accepts them. Which can begin to feel more and more impossible when friends cause them pain.

Scorpio never forgets what caused them to feel alone and can’t find it in themselves to forgive the people who pushed them there.

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