Nature is beautiful. No one can really argue with that. It has oceans, forests, mountains, rainbows, beaches, etc. You name it; Nature has something to offer for everyone out there, and that’s just a fact of life.

Nature’s beauty, however, isn’t enough to make all people want to drop everything and embark on a month-long journey into the wilderness.

There’s nothing wrong with doing it, of course, in fact, we recommend it, but for every wild-at-heart person out there who loves the idea of disappearing into the woods for a week or two, there’s a person who would rather stay home and laze around.

Call it a lack of an adventurous spirit or merely being a couch potato but the following signs aren’t the most nature-loving out there.


While Libras enjoy the beauty nature has to offer, they tend to enjoy it more at a distance. They like interacting with it without being part of it to get the best of both worlds.

Yes, camping can be fun, but glamping will be a lot more appealing for Libras.

A safari? Sounds fantastic, just make sure Libras can go to a boutique hotel every night to relax.

Libras can be adventurous, but they love comfort even more.



It’s not that those born under Aries don’t like nature; it’s that nature doesn’t bend to their will as readily as they wish.

You’d think an adventurous fire sign like Aries would be all over nature, but the truth is they don’t have the patience for it.

Arieses will climb, swim, run, dive and have fun while surrounded by nature, but at the end of the day, nature doesn’t adapt to their fast way of living as much as they’d like.

Trees in park


Geminis don’t like nature as much as they wish they did.

For some reason, they feel like they should be in tune with nature, but they so rarely are.

They forget to water their plants; they’re accident-prone while out in nature, they may be a magnet for insect and more.

What’s worse, while no one doubts their attraction to nature, it’s hard to picture Gemini spending weeks by themselves.

Who would they talk to?!

Blooming blur close up daisy


Out of all the signs out there, Capricorn is the least likely to stop and smell the roses.

They’re always busy, and if they’re not, they’re always about to get busy with a new project or hobby.

Sure, their “to-do” lists may say something about taking time to stop and enjoy the scenery, but chances are they’ll forget about it as soon as something more exciting presents itself.

While they don’t dislike nature, they’re not very likely to stop and enjoy a beautiful landscape: they’ll take a look, snap a picture for posterity and move on.

There’s more nature to see, after all. Who said anything about basking in it?

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