Everyone experiences depression.

There are certain types of people who are prone to going through bouts of situational depression.

These people tend to be stuck in one way or another. Physically, like being stuck in quarantine. Mentally, getting stuck within their mind and emotional loops. And situational, through financial hardship or bad relationships.

People with these four zodiac signs are prone to depression.

1. Aries

Aries can’t sit still.

When they are forced to, it can cause them to spiral into depression. Aries has a lot of pent-up mental and physical energy they have to get out. If they don’t, it becomes internalized, and often destructive.

Negative self-talk and a victim mentality can begin to encroach on Aries when left to themselves.

Losing a lack of direction and feeling powerless sends Aries down a lonely road. They will get into their head too much. And it can be extremely hard for them to get out of that space.

When Aries is buried in depression, friends and family can quickly become worried. Aries goes from vibrant in their interactions, to reserved and reactions are much slower.

Others asking Aries if they are okay can provoke bursts of irritation at best. Dismissive responses or silence at worst.

Aries turns to escapism when they are depressed. They get into tv shows, books, video games, anything to help them feel something positive again.

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is prone to depression when they are either mentally or physically trapped.

Sagittarius is not the kind of zodiac sign that can handle mundane routines. Whether it is a job, relationship, or overall life situation, when they feel trapped, they become depressed.

This can look like the normally bubbly Sagittarius becoming low energy. They are tired all the time and can become avoidant of the things and people who cause them to feel like this.

And Sagittarius hates feeling like that. They love the people around them and don’t purposely try to hurt them. So instead of prioritizing their happiness, they stay in bad situations to keep others happy.

Sagittarius craves socializing and solo traveling again. Due to a lack of money and having responsibilities at home, this may not be possible. Which can cause Sagittarius to become depressed with everyday life.

A truly depressed Sagittarius may start to reject the idea of going out or having little adventures. They slowly become disinterested in doing the things they need to feel better.

Sagittarius may even start to believe they don’t deserve to be happy. This is a dark descent that Sagittarius needs help to get out of.

3. Cancer

Cancer is prone to mental and emotional loops that can cause episodes of depression.

Cancer is a zodiac sign who lives inside their head. They process things slowly and react fast outwardly. By the time their mind catches up to their mouth, the damage is already done.

Cancer can stew on these kinds of situations for extremely long amounts of time. They will overanalyze every word, the tone, different arguments, and reactions, etc.

It is guaranteed they will hurt their own feelings reliving the event.

Cancer will spiral into a place where these thoughts become obsessive, and they can’t focus on anything else. Outwardly, of course, they’d never express this to others. It’s too personal and makes them feel exposed.

Being stuck in this mental zone can make Cancer grumpy and snappish toward those around them. It isn’t unusual to find Cancer spacing out. At that moment, analyzing what they could have done differently is more important.

Cancer may even take sick days off of work or school. They literally can’t function when they dig themselves into a hole of depression.

When their mind isn’t racing and anxious emotions high, Cancer can slip into numb, vacant thoughts. Exhausted from the high emotions.

4. Libra

Libra is sensitive to their surroundings. So, when things are off or not going smoothly, it can cause them to become depressed.

Libra isn’t designed to handle extreme stress, especially not for extended periods. From the outside, it may look to others like Libra is being dramatic.

But Libra isn’t built to handle conflict. Disruption to their delicate balance can cause major amounts of distress to them.

If Libra manages to hold on to what feels like a hurricane, it can make them depressed.

Libra is known for staying in situations they should have left long ago. This is due to their desire for harmony. They truly want to believe it’s possible to resolve conflict. Even at the expense of their mental health.

It is a slippery slope Libra needs to be careful of. People-pleasing will hurt and suppress them. Their satisfaction with life will decrease, and codependence can take hold. And it can take a long time, if ever before Libra can pull themselves back out.

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