Whether you believe in ghosts or not, none of you can certainly say that there isn’t more than what meets the eye in this strange, strange world. Some of us were born with a certain panache to the unseen, with certain abilities that can give us shivers down the spine.

Sure, most of them will live their lives unaware of the fact that they are real-life psychics, who only need a little guidance in the right direction.

However, there are certain zodiac signs with superpowers, that were born with divine blessing for feeling out energies, communicating with the unseen, or even having premonitions regarding the future!

Check the list to find out if you’re one of the psychic zodiac signs, that are blessed with abilities out of this world!


scorpio zodiac sign

One of the most hated zodiac signs, for its intensity and zero tolerance for fake people, was also blessed with amazing intuition and tendencies towards the darker aspects of life, itself.

This zodiac sign is the only one that’s governed by Pluto, which was believed to be the ruler of the underworld.

The Greek thought that Pluto was actually Hades, the ruler of the land of the dead. To this day, Scorpio’s ruling planet is one of the darkest ones, ruling instinct, desires, death and rebirth and destruction that brings about welcome change.

This makes Scorpio one of the most intuitive signs, which is no surprise considering that they can spot a liar from a mile away! They have an unmistaken radar for lies, and they can sense someone’s energy before they even muster up their words.


pisces zodiac sign

Ruled by Neptune, the Great Magician, it is no surprise that Pisces is on the list of magical signs. In fact, Neptune’s abilities to create illusions and manipulate people’s thoughts is one of the reasons why this planet was not even discovered, like the other ones. Neptune was so carefully camouflaged in the sky, that astronomers had to guess it’s there by observing irregularities in the orbits of planets in its vicinity.

Pisces is also the last zodiac sign, correspondent of the 12th house, which is known to be the house of the unknown knowledge, the unseen, magic and psychic communication abilities.

Many modern-day psychics and established mediums have strong 12th house presences, or Neptune positively aspecting their Sun.

This makes Pisces a very spiritual zodiac sign that is very in touch with their emotions and which can design webs of illusions to control their own reality.


aquarius zodiac sign

It is often said about Aquarius people that they look out of this world. They are usually pretty weird looking, and they seem like they don’t fit in with their surroundings. A lot of people also describe them as being aloof and emotionally detached.

But that’s not necessarily true. Aquarius is a sign of high emotions and an even higher purpose. Their humanitarian nature strives towards equality for all, and they are able to see clearly through the cloudiness of their own feelings and discover the hidden truths beneath.

They seem to be guided by a higher power that only they have access to. Their bond with the spiritual world is a very productive one, compared to the other intuitive signs, since they are the only ones who are popularizing the absolute truth, that of tolerance and acceptance.


capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorns might not strike you like the medium type. You’ll usually see them tirelessly working towards their career goals, with barely any time for themselves. For such a busy sign that focuses on the materials gains, it would seem like there’s no time left for spiritual shenanigans.

However, the Saturn ruled sign has deep bonds with the supernatural world that allow them to easily see through people and their motivations. Many Capricorns are amazing artists, with a lot of them reporting they own their inspiration to a higher calling.

Since they possess such amazing, brutal vitality, the Universe often works through them and guides them to do its bidding. Whenever an important life event happens, from which people are able to grow and evolve into their best selves, you better bet a Capricorn with a calling was involved.

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