Hear the word ‘tantrums’ and you are reminded of the screaming toddler you bumped into at the supermarket during your last visit. Do you remember the helpless faces of the parents who were silently swearing to never bring the child along to a supermarket ever again? It is not very different when you have a partner or friend who loves tantrums and uses them as a tool to get what they want.

According to astrology, certain planetary positions such as Mars, the north node of the Moon, and the Sun, in association with zodiac signs either through rulership or placements, can make an individual emotionally turbulent, unstable and impulsive.

Let’s look at four female zodiac signs that love tantrums and the reason behind them:


aries zodiac sign

Some Aries women love attention irrespective of whether they appear good or bad in others’ eyes; they just don’t care. They want to have things their way and can resort to temper tantrums to hide their mistakes or manipulate others.

They may throw tantrums also when they feel their boundaries are crossed or they feel disrespected as a woman. Their tantrums take the form of yelling, kicking and throwing things at others who triggered them.

They need to learn the art of self-regulating their emotions and stop blaming others for their disappointments. Once they master this skill, they set a good example for others to follow.


leo zodiac sign

Leo women are good leaders and expect respect for their position and status at work. They cannot take no for an answer and will go to any lengths to achieve their goals. This makes them a strong personality and gives them a tough exterior which unfortunately backfires when it comes to personal life.

Sometimes they carry the same attitude and approach towards relationships which creates pain and suffering for them and their loved ones. They need to soften their communication style, tone and demeanor if they want to work things out in their personal space.

They usually throw temper tantrums when things are not happening as per their wish. It can be small things like not being appreciated or their efforts going unnoticed. It could be something as simple as not acknowledging them for doing the household chores or ignoring a change in their personal style.


scorpio zodiac sign

Scorpio females are very attractive, mysterious and alluring. Yet many people are not aware of their hidden side—they are extremely intelligent, manipulative and easily jealous. Due to their association with Pluto and being a Water sign, they tend to be secretive about their feelings, but only until they reach their limit of tolerance.

All hell breaks loose when they lose their temper as it is suppressed for a long time. They can become violent and do things that they may later regret. They can start shouting, cursing, breaking items or slamming doors. In the worst case, they can get into physical fights.

They need to control themselves by practicing deep breathing and talking out their issues calmly and peacefully to avoid untoward incidents.


sagittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarius women are fun, active and easy-going types that do not wish to come across as rude or short-tempered. However, the Fire element of their sign sometimes makes them say or do things that may make them look childish and immature.

They are the honest types and believe in fairness. However, this nature sometimes pushes them to throw temper tantrums when they feel their freedom of speech is denied or when they or others are treated unfairly.

They can resort to spitting out harsh words, yelling or protesting to make others aware of the pain they are feeling. They need to learn to step back and take a breather before making an aggressive move.

Managing tantrums at any age is tough. While there are many ways to handle them with young kids, you cannot deal with your partner the same way. With them, the best is to understand their trigger points and avoid them as much as possible. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

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