Not everyone can be good at flirting. In fact, most people are not naturally good at flirting.

It takes a special kind of person to never develop the art of flirting, though. A couple of zodiac signs are horrible at it.

Already being socially awkward can make flirting seem impossible to these types. Their teen and young adult years were especially embarrassing.

Even if they want to be a part of the dating scene, it can feel like being thrown into the deep end of a pool without knowing how to swim.

While some people are naturals who begin to paddle effortlessly, these zodiac signs flailed their arms and sank like a rock.

Let’s take a look at the top three zodiac signs that completely suck at flirting.

1. Scorpio

Scorpio thinks flirting is cryptic comments and longing stares across the room.

A bit of advice for Scorpio. Stop weirdly staring at the person you like from a distance. You look like a stalker.

Crowned champion of awkward flirting, Scorpio likes to make up storylines in their head about their crush. They enjoy the fantasy more than the reality of trying to make a move.

And besides, Scorpio does not enjoy small talk or light topics. When they talk to others, Scorpio wants to go deep from the get-go.

They will bring up heavy topics and display their dark humor. Not many people can handle Scorpio and their interest in deep, dark topics.

It isn’t exactly a common way most people expect to be flirted with. And it can quickly turn people off.

Scorpio can end up falling into a victim mentality because of this. Believing no one will understand them, and therefore, why should they try making a connection?

Whether Scorpio is right or not on that front depends on the individual. But when they feel that way, it can make them isolate even more. Leading to less and less social contact, and even more awkward flirting skills.

Scorpio prefers their fantasy world and staring at their crush across the room. It’s less painful than trying to clumsily act on it.

2. Capricorn

Capricorn isn’t known for their social skills. Let alone their flirting ones.

While Capricorn can excel at professional challenges, the fastest way for them to be stopped is to throw an attractive, flirty person in their way.

When Capricorn feels an attraction to another person, they become a mess.

They can chat as friends just fine. When they try to flirt though, it can appear from the outside as if they are pulling random topics from nowhere. And it doesn’t feel natural at all. Weird comments and out-of-place transitions will make it obvious they are struggling.

Capricorn will stumble over their words and likely have a good amount of anxiety and embarrassment at their attempt.

Capricorns are truly driven to succeed at everything they do and may become adequate at flirting. Through study and practice, Capricorn can overcome any obstacle. Even if that obstacle is their inner awkwardness.

3. Taurus

There is not a single flirtatious bone in Taurus’ body.

Sure, they can enjoy being with someone. But that person is usually the initiator. Taurus is rarely the first one to make a move, even when they are interested in someone.

Like Scorpio, Taurus is very good at giving eyes across the room. Unlike their opposite sibling sign, though, Taurus knows how to use it as an invitation.

When the other person catches on and makes an approach, though, Taurus may inwardly panic.

Taurus doesn’t want to initiate, no, but they are extremely unsure of what comes next once the other person does.

Taurus is prone to mental freeze when their crush makes contact. They look cool and collected on the outside. Inside, they are a firestorm of conflicting emotions.

Excited, anxious, happy, terrified, embarrassed, and on and on. This overwhelm of emotions causes the freeze. Which in turn makes Taurus look incredibly awkward from another person’s point of view.

Unfortunately, it takes well into adulthood before Taurus loses any of that awkward edge. Making the teen and young adult years of dating mortifying.

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