Some people seem to be born for dating. They are naturally charming, flirty, and fond of displays of love.

However, other people feel awkward when they fall in love, triggering all kinds of insecurities within them.

It’s not that they don’t believe in love! These individuals just don’t know how to navigate everything related to this area of their lives.

Read on to find out which zodiac signs don’t know how to handle love.


Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius is an independent zodiac sign you are less likely to find in a couple. First, these natives are highly intellectual and approach everything as if they were in a lab.

The problem is that love and relationships are often irrational and should be handled from the heart. Well, not for Aquarius. These natives perceive emotions as real threats and those who get carried away by them as immature.

Aquarius aims for utter freedom, and detachment is the means to get there. The math is easy! If you get attached to something or someone, then you feel you require it to live.

So, at a certain point, falling in love is a very uncomfortable experience for Aquarius. These individuals try to detach from their affections and don’t know how to deal with the situation.

They may even distance themselves from their crush to prove they can continue with their life without them. They will not make any declaration of love or ask this person out. Aquarius will remain friendly and cordial until the other person does something about it!

And when they are in a stable relationship, forget about celebrating anniversaries or romantic gestures! Aquarius hates anything related to mainstream love and feels uncomfortable engaging in these activities.


Gemini Zodiac Sign

Geminis can be charming and approachable, but they don’t know how to handle love! These natives prioritize causal hookups for a reason! They like to have fun but not what comes after they fall in love.

Geminis want to live life’s experiences to the fullest and having a steady partner seems to ruin that plan. They prefer to remain unattached and single to enjoy spontaneity without asking anyone’s permission to do as they please.

When Geminis fall in love, they feel out of character! Their confidence drops, and they feel like helpless children without a way out. This is why Geminis prefer NSA relationships.

This zodiac sign makes mean jokes to their crush, ignores their phone calls, and engages in passive-aggressive behaviors.

In short, they act contrary to how ordinary people do when they are in love!

Geminis have complex characters, and various personalities dwell within them. They are unpredictable and act erratically when faced with matters of love.

Geminis are also immature and find it hard to commit. When they finally establish a relationship, they have a hard time making decisions and sticking to them. Geminis are often unpunctual for their dates and run away when it is time to discuss serious relationship issues.


Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Much like Gemini, Sagittarius also wants to experience life to the fullest, and a love relationship can disrupt their plans. They have a wild and free spirit that does not want to be tamed.

Sagittarius associates love with boundaries and restrictions and therefore does not know how to handle it. These natives are comfortable with sporadic encounters and don’t mind not seeing again the person they dated.

When one of these individuals falls in love, they are completely lost. They need space to roam freely and suddenly feel a constant urge to be with this person.

This situation may drive them mad and cause them to act incoherently. Some days they are kind and loving, and other days detached and bitter.

Sagittarians are not romantic and do not make love gestures. They are not detail-oriented and are pretty blunt when speaking, making many romantic suitors wonder if they are really interested in them.

Unless their partner truly understands their need for freedom and world travel, Sagittarians will feel uncomfortable in relationships and won’t know how to handle themselves.

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