The 5 Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs

The 5 Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs

  • November 27, 2019

In your day to day life, there are high chances that you have met a scheming person. Every one of us has had to deal with the betrayal of someone we thought was a good friend. These are the people we consider as loyal to us but they end up taking calculated actions to cheat us.  Most of the times we are surprised and puzzled that they could do that to us.

We all have distinct character traits and we are almost perfect when it comes to concealing our weaknesses. The point is, we want to appear flawless, especially in circumstances that relate to our social life. On the other hand, it’s also true that we can be very scheming, and we don’t accept this side.

Even so, being manipulative cannot be considered all that bad as it can help us to cope with some situations.

As amusing at it sounds, next time you are about to get upset at another person’s behavior it is important to realize that you can be accused of the same behavior.

Of course, some things may trigger our scheming behavior such as alcohol or maybe it just comes naturally as one of our traits. Irrespective, every one of us has a manipulative side that comes out at times.

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Your zodiac sign can determine how scheming you can be since some people are better at it than others.

How far you can go with being manipulative will depend on different situations and the kind of people you meet.

Here are 5 Zodiac signs that are likely to be manipulative when they are in difficult situations.

This character is less noticeable in some signs than in others, in spite of this, there’s what you should be looking out for.


Scorpios woman is a resourceful person but this should not mislead you since she is also very suspicious and guarded.

You may be best buddies from childhood to adulthood but the moment something tells her you’re betraying her trust; she’ll quickly move on. She will start establishing another intimate friendship and one day you’ll be shocked to find out you’re no longer part of her inner circle.

If you happen to meet a new person and get close with them she’ll become envious because she feels you no longer consider her an important part of your life. She’ll start pulling away and then make it appear like it’s all your fault. Her ability to lead is outstanding and can easily influence people’s choices.

She’s such a good schemer that you’ll be left confused and doubting yourself after she deals with an issue. 


Cancer has strong instincts that can be very helpful. But, it can be the cause of Cancer’s pain in some situations. Cancer is EXTREMELY inventive and can make you appear guilty of situations that didn’t happen AT ALL.


She can look for the most stupid reason to make you feel guilty of doing her wrong even when you’ve done nothing.  She can go back to many years when you were kids and use something that you did to her at that time. She’ll use it as a good enough reason to show animosity towards you.


A Gemini is a truly reflective person, but it can negatively affect her. She is hesitant in decision making and opts to make a decision that appears as assertive to conceal her uncertainty. The issue is, when you are no longer together she is likely to hate you for the decisions she made.

Gemini is social in certain situations such as parties but she may be just putting on a show that she is happy with all that is happening in the party. You’ll only find out afterward that she was unhappy and regrets everything she did at the party.


Pisces girl is the kind of person who is self-sacrificing and always there at your beck and call. But certain things will make you wonder about her true intentions. There are those times she will be anxious to assist you that you will be curious to find out whether they are any hidden motives. The astonishing thing is that, sometimes, there are.

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She’ll encourage you to eat whatever you fancy because to sooth your heartbreak, but you’ll find out that she’s taking advantage of your situation for her to shine. Her character is that of a quiet, detached person and if you put yourself in a bad place, you allow her to be noticed. However, she’ll complain afterward when she realizes that she has put herself in a messy situation even if she’s the reason behind her mess. 


Leo is extremely affectionate, but her need to be in control is stronger. A Leo girl becomes very argumentative when she wants to prove her point even if she’s wrong.  One good thing about her is that she’s very honest with what she wants to do. This happens even when she wants to manipulate you too.

She is willing to accept her mistakes or express her emotions. This explains why her actions are considerably unkind and difficult to decode.

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