Though they can be a little self-centered, Tauruses are actually one of the most sought-after partners out there, particularly amongst them interested in a long-term relationship.

They’re honest, committed, loving, fun, and dedicated, and as an earth sign, they’re ruled by the goddess of Venus, so you just know they’re great lovers.

But what, exactly, makes Taurus such an excellent sign to date?

Keep reading to find out!

taurus zodiac sign

Tauruses are Loyal and Dedicated

Taurus individuals don’t take things like love lightly, which means that, while they take a while to fall in love, once they do, it’s tough to get them to let go.

Once Taurus feels like they’ve found ‘the one,’ they’ll commit entirely to their relationship, bringing their best to the relationship without hesitation.

Not only that but once they’ve decided they want to be with you, Taurus stays around for the long run. Whirlwind romances aren’t something this zodiac sign does: They want to date for as long as possible, and, let’s be honest, they look forward to more.

While this all or nothing approach can come off as particularly intense, the effect is mellowed by the fact that Taurus does take a while to get there.

They won’t share their desire to spend the rest of their lives with you out of the blue. If it happens, it will only occur if Taurus is confident you’re as committed to the idea as they are.

They’re Patient and Easy-going.

Some Zodiac signs are bursting at the seams with passion and emotion, to the point they’re often too extreme or downright unpredictable.

Taurus isn’t like that.

Tauruses like going through life slowly, taking time to sniff the roses and maybe take a nap or two in the process.

While this has earned them a reputation of being lazy –which they can be– it also means that a relationship with Taurus will be one of the most relaxing things you can experience!

They enjoy taking their time with the people they love, going for long walks, spending hours just lazying around in bed or watching TV, sleeping at the beach, stargazing in the woods, etc.

They take downtime to the next level, and nothing pleases them as much as sharing moments like those with their partners.

What’s more, while Tauruses do have a rather impressive temper, it’s not something that comes and goes without warning. Because they’re so patient, it takes a real effort to get them mad, which means you don’t need to walk on eggshells when around them.

They’re Family Oriented

If you haven’t guessed it already, here, it is: Tauruses are one of the most family-oriented signs in the Zodiac, thanks in part to their committed personality and their seemingly endless patience.

As we’ve mentioned, no one does commitment like Taurus, and if they decide they want to be with you, chances are they’ve decided they want to raise a family by your side.

Because of this, they’re incredibly family-oriented, even going as far as making plans (or even saving money) for the family they plan to have, even if they’re not in a relationship yet.

They’re very involved parents, making an effort to participate in every aspect of their children’s upbringing, and thanks to their patience, they’re excellent at it.

Though Tauruses can be tremendously self-centered, this is overridden by their desire to provide for and protect their loved ones. A Taurus will willingly sacrifice a project they’ve worked for years if it means ensuring their family’s future.

It doesn’t get more family-oriented than that.

They’re Loving and Passionate

While it’s true that they like to take things slowly, once they’re in love, Tauruses can be one of the most passionate and loving members of the Zodiac out there.

They’ll make their partner feel treasured and desired in equal measures, and they enjoy trying new things in every sense of the world.

They’re also sensual in the sense that they enjoy all kinds of pleasure and creature comforts, so they’re the kind of sign whose ideas of a suitable date can go from dining in a delicious restaurant to going to a SPA together.

If it’s pleasant, Taurus is sure to try it at least once, which means that, though it might not be the most passionate relationship out there, it sure is going to be one of the most pleasant.

So there you have it, these are some of the things that make Taurus such a promising partner.

Taurus may take a while to fall in love with a person and might be hesitant at first to start anything new, which can be a downside for more fast-moving signs.

However, once Taurus is willing to commit? They bring their A-game to any relationship, going from the friend everyone likes to the world’s most dedicated lover in two seconds flat.

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