Scorpios are widely considered one of the most complicated zodiac signs out there, particularly when it comes to romance.

Their intense personalities, coupled with their reserve attitudes and desire to be in control, can scare away many potential partners, but those things can be irresistible for others.

You’ll find that serious, passionate, and steadfast personalities often click best with this sign, as they mix well with Scorpio’s desire for long-term relationships and commitment.

Here, we’ve listed the three most compatible zodiac signs with Scorpio, based on their interests and personalities.

Pisces and Scorpio

pisces zodiac sign

Though these two appear fundamentally different on the surface, the truth is that they can complement each other quite nicely.

Pisces needs a guide, someone who will bring stability to a relationship and won’t let Pisces own indecision hold back the potential of the relationship; Scorpio, for its part, could benefit from Pisces optimism, as well as their more emotional approach to life.

The relationship may not be easy at first. There’s a good chance Scorpio’s practical mind will clash with Pisces idealism, but if both partners work toward appreciating each other’s differences and working in tandem, there’s very little this couple can’t achieve.

A healthy relationship between Pisces and Scorpio is one for the books, where each party knows and understands each other weaknesses and strengths and has learned to work with them to achieve their goals.

Both Scorpio and Pisces have big dreams and ambitions, though Scorpio’s tend to be more realistic, which means they can help Pisces center their goals into something actually achievable.

In return, Pisces can offer love, kindness, and the kind of gentleness Scorpio often struggles with, which often leads to a happier, more relaxed Scorpio.

What really makes Scorpio and Pisces click is that they’re both emotional and passionate, capable of pouring all of their love into their relationship and commitment, albeit often in entirely different ways.

Cancer and Scorpio

cancer zodiac sign

This is an emotionally intense match, where passions are really close to the surface, but where both partners can understand each other innately.

Cancer and Scorpio are very similar, and, as such, a healthy relationship between both signs can last for a long time, though there will still be some ups and downs the couple will have to learn to navigate.

Both signs enjoy material goods, and love the idea of decorating their homes so that they’re perfectly suited to their specific needs; both are always looking for ways to ensure a prosperous future, be it by saving money, investing in stocks, etc.

Even their differences tend to match each other! Scorpios enjoy taking charge and having power, while Cancers crave security and stability, and they’re both fiercely loyal to their families and loved ones, even if they go about it in different ways.

Neither Cancer nor Scorpio will be satisfied with a one-night-stand or a casual relationship with a person that might not be all in. They want commitment, and they enjoy planning for the long term, so you can rest assured than any relationship between these two will start with something serious in mind.

Another excellent thing about this match is that Cancer’s more emotional approach to things will balance well with Scorpio’s reserved approach to feelings. Cancers can teach Scorpios that feelings aren’t something to be afraid of, and Scorpios will have to learn how to express themselves more openly to properly show their Cancer partner that they care.

Capricorn and Scorpio

capricorn zodiac sign

If you’re looking for love at first sight, look elsewhere, because Scorpio and Capricorn will approach this relationship with caution, growing to admire and love each other with time, rather than doing it all out of the blue.

It matches their personality. They’re cautious and mature individuals that refuse to see the world with rose-tinted glasses and instead approach everything with a realism few other signs display.

This means that, while the relationship may not be the most passionate one out there, it can grow into one of the most steadfast and admirable kinds of relationships with time.

Capricorns tend to be more aloof than Scorpios, particularly when it comes to showing their emotions. While Scorpios are widely considered passionate signs, Capricorns like to keep their emotions firmly in check, and might come off as cold and detached to those who don’t know them.

Though this might seem problematic at first, this can be worked into a genuine advantage: Scorpios can show Capricorns just how rewarding it is to get to deeply know someone else, while Capricorns can provide Scorpios with the stability and commitment they so deeply crave.

It won’t be a whirlwind romance, but once the bases are set, and both partners have decided to try their best, this will be one of the most stable relationships out there.

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