Scorpios are the epitome of a romance novel’s love interest; they’re mysterious femme fatales and handsome devils that can sweep you off your feet at any given time.

Self-assured, charismatic, ambitious, enthralling, and a little intimidating, Scorpios are one of the best zodiac signs to date, but what makes them such a tempting prospect?

scorpio zodiac sign


Both in life and relationships, Scorpios do what they do with passion, or they don’t do it at all.

Scorpios commit to their interests and feelings, and that goes twice as far as romantic relationships go.

They can come off as aloof and uninterested at first, and that’s because they are; but the moment a Scorpio decides they’re interested in you, it’s like a switch has flipped and they become a completely different person.

Attentive, romantic, happy to experiment with new things, eager to go on dates, etc.

When a Scorpio is interested in someone, genuinely interested in someone, that someone is going to notice it, because they’ll feel like they’re on top of the world.


Though they may not demonstrate it at first, Scorpios have some of the best senses of humor in the entire zodiac. It just doesn’t resonate with all audiences.

They’re blunt, straight to the point and intelligent, with a dark but quick-witted sense of humor that might fly over the head of some but will utterly captivate others.

Scorpio’s sense of humor doesn’t shine through on carefully planed jokes or entire stand-up routines but somewhat random comments and observations that reflect how Scorpio sees the world and just how smart they can be.

Because of its dryness and blunt delivery, Scorpio’s humor won’t make everyone laugh, but if you’re the kind of person who enjoys sarcasm, dry-wit, and a bit of dark humor, Scorpios can be a riot.


Because they’re so dedicated to achieving their goals and inherently creative, Scorpios don’t let minor inconveniences stand in their way.

They’re capable of coming up with plans at the drop of a hat, often improvising solutions and alternatives where there seemingly were none.

What does this mean in a romantic relationship?

As far as dating goes, it means that Scorpios are capable of coming up with some genuinely fantastic and creative dates with very few resources.

Surprise gifts, unexpected touches, small details. They’ll always find ways to show that they care and that they want their prospective partners to feel special.

During actual, well-established relationships? It means Scorpio will be one of the best problem solvers out there, tacking every challenge with the best disposition, and finding innovative solutions to all sorts of problems.

And for those looking to raise a family with a Scorpio? You can rest assured that while Scorpio will always try their best to provide their family to the best of their abilities if things get hard, they’re not against getting creative to keep everyone happy with improvised solutions.


Though they’re often considered as aloof and even cold, Scorpios are best described as reserved.

They like keeping their private life private, choose carefully with whom they interact with and don’t go around spreading information they don’t believe others should be privy to.

Scorpios might not be the kind of people you go to for juicy gossip or to catch up with the latest happenings around your social circle, but unless you really, really, like gossiping, Scorpio’s secluded attitude can actually come in helpful.

After all, most people don’t like it when their significant others talk about them behind their backs.

Privacy is always a valuable attribute in any relationship. Couples should attempt to solve their problems together first, before involving anyone else, and Scorpio firmly believes that.


Scorpios have a commanding strength to them that makes you trust them simplicity, particularly high-stress or stressful situations.

They’re experts at what they do, pursue their goals singlemindedly, and can take charge of just about anything, including relationships.

They can come off as domineering and a bit too bossy, but for the most part, you can rest assured that their attitude is the result of wanting to preserve their relationship and their loved one’s affection and respect for as long as possible.

What this means is that you can trust Scorpios to do the right thing when it comes to a relationship. To go the extra mile and ensure their partners are happy and safe.

As we mentioned before, Scorpio doesn’t love quickly. They don’t commit without a good cause, nor they pursue serious relationships unless they genuinely mean them: but if they do, if they themselves have chosen to enter a relationship, you can bet they’ll always try their best to make it work.

As you can see, cracking a Scorpio is no easy feat. These bad boys of the zodiac won’t commit to just about anyone, and might take a long while to get there.

But once Scorpio truly commits? They’ll be one of the most dedicated partners you’ll ever find.

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