Sagittarius is an easy sign to love, but not necessarily one that makes relationships easy.

These laid-back, sociable, and independent sign loves to have fun and are rarely in a rush to settle down.

To them, the world is there to be enjoyed, and the best way to enjoy the world is without commitments that can hold them back.

This doesn’t mean that they’re not interested in committed relationships, though, but rather that they’re unwilling to enter one if it means sacrificing the lifestyle they enjoy.

Because of this, they tend to go for adventurous, independent, and adaptable signs that will readily join their lifestyle without changing it too much.

If that sounds like a tall order, that means you haven’t met the following signs.

Sagittarius and Leo

leo zodiac sign

Charismatic, friendly, full of seemingly endless energy and a can-do attitude, Sagittarius and Leo are a power couple the likes few other zodiac couples can hope to match.

Leo is creative, self-assured, and always willing to be the center of attention, three incredibly attractive attributes to Sagittarius, who is always eager to try new things but is satisfied with not being the center of attention.

Both Sagittarius and Leo are in love with adventure, freedom, and a little bit of drama, which may not lead to a peaceful relationship, but it can undoubtedly lead to an adventurous one.

Both signs love life and love love, which means they complement each other in more ways than one, fueling their creative talents, their ambition, and their general enjoyment of life.

Perhaps the biggest downside of this couple is that, just like they can fuel their positive shared attributes, they can feed their negative traits.

Keep those in check, though, and you have the workings of a very happy couple.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

aquarius zodiac sign

Even their names go great together!

The creative Aquarius and the adventurous Sagittarius have everything working to their advantage, as they’re often compatible in just about every way that counts.

This pair won’t only be in a relationship, but they’ll be best friends, as they tend to enjoy the same kind of things and have the same taste in people.

Due to their outgoing natures and love of independence, they’ll be the kind of couple who sincerely enjoys spending time with each other, but they don’t need to, meaning they’ll have plenty of time to spend a night out with their own friends.

Let’s face it, though; these two are so charming their respective friends will end up loving each of them equally because when it comes to Sagittarius and Aquarius, you just can’t choose a side.

This laid-back attitude can complicate their relationship and make it hard for them to pursue something long term.

As long as they’re both well aware of what the other one wants and have agreed to pursue the same thing, though?

Then they shouldn’t have a problem.

Sagittarius and Gemini

gemini zodiac sign

While these two may not click immediately, this relationship is full of possibilities.

Both signs are two sides of the same coin. Gemini wants as much information as possible; Sagittarius knows what to do with it.

Gemini is capable of adapting to a variety of situations; Sagittarius is always looking for something new to do.

There are plenty of differences between these signs, but, somehow, they always make it work.

Laid-back, enthusiastic, adventurous, outgoing, and in love with having fun, these two can turn even the most boring event into a game, one no one else is invited to but them.

This relationship will be spontaneous, romantic, enjoyable, and, overall, comfortable, as long as you find a communication style that works for both.

You see, Gemini and Sagittarius tend to have completely different communication styles, but if you clear that hurdle, you won’t have a thing to worry about.

Sagittarius and Aries

aries zodiac sign

These two fire signs have the potential to create one of the most passionate relationships in the zodiac, full of fire and adventurous situations that others can only dream of.

The chemistry between these two can only be described as “amazing.” Because of it, it’s not uncommon to see Sagittarius/Aquarius relationships bloom in a matter of weeks, if not days.

They both love adventure, trying out new things, and know how to respect each other’s personal space and privacy.

They’re both interested in the same sort of things, dislike the same stuff, and generally find enjoyment in the same hobbies, so the potential for a happy relationship is right there from the start.

They’ll argue a lot, but since arguing is a kind of foreplay for both Sagittarius and Aries, this tends to work in their favor more often than not.

Word of caution, both signs are tremendously independent, stubborn, and self-centered, which means they might have trouble committing to a relationship at first.

Trial and error, as well as copious communication, can turn a casual and fun relationship into something long-lasting.

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