Love is a beautiful thing. It also takes courage and sacrifice to put yourself out there without the assurity that all the love you dish out shall be reciprocated. If you have been curious as to why some of your love stories have not ended with the happily ever after that you were hoping for, a look into your zodiac sign might just provide you with the answers you seek.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with having a strong personality or with being passionate about the things that matter most. In some instance a break up might just be a simple lack of compatibility of either personalities or ideologies. This should not keep you from putting yourself out there neither should it kill your belief in love.


Aries are confident and seemingly self-reliant beings. They can also tend to be rather impulsive. Their independence and resultant self-involvement does tend to cause issues in relationships.

When one party is trying to meet them halfway, they tend to take the ‘my way or the highway’ approach.


Taurus can be particularly difficult to deal with due to their stubborn nature. Their hard-headedness means that they do not let go of grudges particularly fast.

No amount of apologizing will get them to see reason if they do not feel that they have been angry at you for a satisfactory amount of time.  Needless to say, this can be rather draining.

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Geminis can be described as happy-go-lucky individuals. They value their freedom and do not take well to any attempts of grounding them. This makes them particularly successful in open relationship scenarios.

Even when in a monogamous relationship, you will still catch them flirting openly. This doesn’t always go well with the other half of the relationship.


While cancers may be confident and independent as individuals, they tend to tapper on the clingy side of life once they have found a better half.

They exhibit possessive tendencies when in love which results in their partners feeling smothered rather than adored.


Leos tend to be vain and egotistic. These traits prove counterproductive to the loyalty that they show to those they hold dear. They are the type to argue to win rather than have constructive criticism.

They live for the win and in a relationship setting this competitiveness does not exactly foster the most conducive of environments. 



Virgos look at life through logical lenses. While this makes them rather level headed individuals, it also turns them into sceptics. They end up doubting what they feel and eventually project those doubts to the emotions and intentions of their partners.

It is no wonder that they would run at the first sign trouble even when the solution is right around the corner.


Libras are the fixers of the world. Their vanity causes them to believe themselves capable of solving anything. When it comes to relationships, they tend to go for partners they consider damaged goods and in need of fixing.

This almost always works against them since the complexities that come with relationships cannot simply be fixed by moulding one party to fit into the other’s definition of perfection.


Loyalty and passion are two significant traits of Scorpios. This makes the perfect relationship material right? Well, not exactly. Their passion often turns into jealousy and possessiveness and control over their partner.



Sagittarius like Geminis love all things fun and adventure. Their insatiable need to explore can result in their developing unrealistically standards of what a relationship should be like.


Capricorns are distrusting by nature. For one to have a long lasting relationship with them, one needs to be patient and willing to prove him or herself over and over.


Wit and brains is the charm of Aquarius. They are bold which makes them speak their mind unabashed. While their bluntness can be attractive to some, it is demoralizing to others.


Pisces are emotionally sensitive. It takes them a while to get over things. This means that a new love can easily be quelled by the constant reminiscence of an old flame and the comparison between the two.

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