Pros and Cons of Loving an Aries

Pros and Cons of Loving an Aries

  • August 24, 2021

Have you ever been caught up in the fiery flare of an Aries? If so, today’s article might prepare you for what to expect in a relationship with these people.

Aries is the 1st zodiac sign – the natural born leader. It’s ruling planet is combative Mars, it’s element is fire and patron god is Ares.

Aries corresponds with the choleric temperament and its gemstones are carnelian and garnet.

Good sides of loving an Aries

#1. Aries are fast and furious

When you are with an Aries you needn’t feel any fear – they’ve got you covered. These people are the bravest (or maybe even dumbest) ones in the entire zodiac. They will have your back no matter what.

What’s more, they hate injustice, so be prepared to witness a lot of conflict when you’re with them because they are not the type to stay put or stay silent when they see something that gets on their nerves.

It’s not for naught that their patron deity is a god of war.

#2. Aries are leaders

It’s in their blood to lead, to start and begin new things, projects and expand horizons. They are the Alpha of the alphabet, they start things and then leave the finishing to others.

These people are pioneers ushering the new and bold into the current trends and era. If you want to follow them, you have to keep up because they aren’t waiting on no one.

#3. Aries are passionate

They are the hunters, they love to predate and enjoy the chase. Their approach is unique, the more you resist (or even struggle) the more they will not want to give up on you.

Keep them on their toes, surprise them often, make them wonder and think about you when they are off on their own adventures. Stay at least a little bit mysterious so that they want to keep figuring you out.

#4. Aries are highly intellectual

Although they prefer to act rather than think, they are, surprisingly very intelligent. They are often CEOs of their branch, and they advance the fastest in their field of choosing.

These people know how to think on their feet and they are the best when it comes to seizing chances and using opportunities to their advantage. They don’t joke around when their success and winnings is at stake.

#5. Aries love to try new things

Aries people are adrenaline junkies, they love extreme sports, they love to follow their gut, and they love to try new things.

They get bored when they are forced into a routine, so spicing things up and inventing new adventures for them to experience is a great way of keeping them interested and around.

#6. Aries are visionaries

These natives are inventors. They love to bring their visions and ideas into existence, so if you can help them discover new horizons, you are in for a wild ride.

Imagine going on a rollercoaster and having a blast – well, that’s what’s it like loving an Aries.

Bad sides of loving an Aries

#1. Bad temper

Boy, oh boy, do they have a bad temper. They are very aggressive and prone to exploding when things are not going their way.

They have zero patience and they want everything, and they want it now. Deny them something they want, and do so in a confrontational way and you’ve got yourself a fight.

#2. They are incapable of admitting a mistake

As fast and sudden as their temper flared up, it can be gone without an explanation and they will return to their usual self. Their mood changes will give you a whiplash, but they will not give you an apology.

If they are at fault, and if they make a mistake you can forget about an apology, and admitting that they were wrong – you will never hear those words from them.

#3. They are egoistical

Aries have egos larger than life. That’s a quite big head to be carrying on such tiny shoulders, alas they carry it like there’s no tomorrow.

Their way is the only way and their way is the best way, they won’t even hear about something else. If they thought of a solution – it was their own doing and no one else’s!

#4. Their emotions are shallow and short-lived

No one gets bored faster than an Aries, except maybe Gemini. They will start 10 projects and finish maybe one of them.

Same goes for their emotions, they can fall in love 10 times in one month and fall out of love 11. You never know how the wind blows for them, and one day they might love you to the starts and back, and tomorrow they might forget your birthday.

#5. They are big children

Not only do they often act as overgrown children, but they also have maturity of a child. They will try to sell it as their charisma, but for people who don’t have a lot of patience, they sure demand a lot of it in return.

#6. Physical violence

Aries people tend to have hazardous jobs, like MMA fighters, fast car drivers and military careers. They tend to solve things the “easiest” way – with violence.

They believe in the law of the jungle – the stronger predator wins and they will implement it in real life without even flinching, so if you’re someone who is a gentle soul, you will not like this aspect of Aries.

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  • Actually the Zodiac’s only apex predator is LEO, the mighty lion. Not a ram.

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