Pros and Cons of Loving an Aquarius

Pros and Cons of Loving an Aquarius

  • August 25, 2021

Have you ever fallen in love with a quirky Aquarius? If that is so, worry not, in today’s article we go over the most prominent good and bad sides of loving an Aquarius.

Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign, its ruling planet is Uranus, its element is Air and patron god is Caelus.

Aquarius corresponds with sanguine temperament and its gemstone is aquamarine.

Good sides of loving an Aquarius

#1. They are geniuses

Aquarians are geniuses, simply put. They are the rarest zodiac sign, and people who are born under it are extremely good at various things.

No matter what they opt to do, no matter what their hobbies are, no matter how normal something is – they will make a spectacle and success out of it.

Their brain is simply wired differently and life with them is a promise of something you’ve never experienced or seen before.

#2. Aquarius are talented 

These people are sure to be born with a certain talent. Their brain is simply on a different frequency, thus they have the knowledge and access to information that is light years ahead of the thought processes of other mortals.

They will turn their talent into profit, and they will live up to their symbol – the knowledge bearer of a new era.

#3. Aquarius are the devil’s advocate

These natives care about humane topics, they cannot stand for injustice, and they need to be socially active.

If they find a cause that seems lost, they will fight for it, and probably win. They have the innate need to go toe to toe with the establishment and to fight against the general world order.

They are passionate conspiracy theorists, so if you are prone to question the very fabric of reality, you wonder about the stars, interstellar travel and aliens – Aquarius is your guy to go to and spend time with!

#4. Aquarius are team players

These natives play great in teams, they don’t have egos that need boasting, and they play nicely with others.

They can accomplish the most and give their best in a team. They won’t steal your thunder, what’s more, they will make you and your efforts shine brighter.

They don’t care much about praise and the spotlight, they want what’s best for their team and for their mutual effort to succeed in order to bring about better future.

#5. Aquarius worry about tomorrow

They are great volunteers and philanthropist because they care about the planet and nature. They might not be very feely-touchy on a personal level, but when it comes to global welfare and bright tomorrow that is for all to share – they are the most passionate individuals out there.

You might not always be at the center of their attention, but they will always have your best interest at heart and they will always be there to help you when you need it.

#6. Aquarius are humanitarians

These people have a big heart. They care about animals, plants, rivers, oceans and all life that inhibits our planet.

One day they will care about life on other planets, they are preparing for the future where human race accepts that we are not alone and we are in this together.

Not just with aliens, but animals, plants and oceans, too. Aquarius are the most psychic sign of all, they just choose to fight for what is right instead of letting it all go like Pisces do.

Bad sides of loving an Aquarius

#1. Aquarius are rebels without a cause

They can be strenuous once they set their mind on something and that something is not realistic or profitable.

They will rebel for the sake of rebelling without much cause or reason behind it. They can be the Karen’s of the internet just because they have nothing better to do in their lives.

#2. Aquarius are spiteful

These natives will remember if and when you cross them, and they will wait for an opening or an opportunity where you ask them for help, and instead of helping you, they will humiliate you.

They have long memories and they will remember it well if you cross them, so beware of that.

#3. They can be sociopathic

These natives are most likely to have no remorse and have no feelings of guilt. The only thing keeping them in line when it comes to right and wrong is the hassle of social norms and human laws.

If they think something or someone is useful to them – they will use it, if the law doesn’t state otherwise. Even then, they might risk and be “bad” if they calculate that there is a chance of them pulling out unscathed.

#4. Aquarius have questionable morals

We’ve established thus far that they don’t feel remorse and have different moral compass than regular humans.

But, if they rise enough above the law, you should not be surprised if Aquarius acts totally opposite from a regular human. They are something above a human, they come from other place and their inner eye can see further than that of a mere mortal.

Stay on your toes if you notice weird behavior patterns and lack of emotional response from your Aquarius.

#5. Aquarius are hard to pin down

If you desire a regular fairy tale and want a normal partnership, don’t count on Aquarius. The farthest you can get is to get an engagement out of them. They despise human laws and constitutions, and marriage is not an exception.

If they love you – they do, and you’ll just have to believe them and be satisfied with your special bond that you share beside the human laws and customs.

#6. Aquarius are weird

That’s it – they’re weird. They have weird tastes, hobbies, thoughts, morals and friends. They are not from this planet.

If you have traditional tastes and preferences, it’s better to stay away from them.

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