Pros and Cons of Loving a Virgo

Pros and Cons of Loving a Virgo

  • August 26, 2021

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to love (and live with) a Virgo? In today’s article we are going to provide info on both good and bad sides of loving a Virgo.

Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign, it’s ruling planet is Mercury, it’s element is Earth and patron god is Hermes.

Virgo corresponds with the melancholic temperament and its gemstone is sapphire.

Good sides of loving a Virgo

#1. Virgos are patient and responsible individuals
Virgos have a lot of patience, they are able to tackle down the most tedious and repetitive jobs with utmost perfection.

Virgos are responsible individuals. If you give them a job that needs to be done, they will make sure to do it, and they will do it as perfectly as possible.

#2. Virgo people are great followers
They scarcely take charge because they prefer to avoid being responsible for others, this makes them excellent team players.

Virgos love animals. They are great with animals, despite looking emotionally unavailable and detached, Virgo’s kindness can be observed through their relationship with animals.

#3. Virgos are great caretakers
These people make the best nurses and medical staff, not just because they are sanitary and take great care about the hygiene, which is also a big plus, but because they emphasize with others and can provide amazing care to those who need it.

Virgo people are perfect pharmacists and nurses. They have a sharp memory and they are excellent in compartmentalizing.

#4. Virgos are very clean

And they care a great deal about hygiene. Their homes are always arranged and smell fresh because of this trait.

Virgos are great cooks. Their cooking style resembles that of a mad scientist, but their dishes are consistent, very tasty and checked out. It’s impossible to have a food poisoning when Virgo is behind the kitchen wheel.

#5. Virgo’s are great at organizing

If you have an event to plan, or you hate taking care of your finances – go to a Virgo, they will make it happen in no time, and everything will be in order.

It’s a misconception that Virgos love cleaning, they hate it, but they’re very good at it, and it calms their overthinking mind, so it’s a very welcome side effect of their edgy personality.

#6. Virgos are problem solvers

They love a good mental challenge and puzzles. Their mind is constantly thinking, working its way around situations, finding solutions and different ways how can something be done.

Virgos often suffer from social anxiety, so if you’re one of those people that like to shine, they will never steal your thunder.

They’re great team players, so if you need a partner for a video game crusade – Virgo is your person.

Bad sides of loving a Virgo  

#1. Virgos are perfectionists

And no one is ever good enough for them, nor is anyone capable of doing a good enough job in their place.

Virgos like to bicker so much so that it may seem like their favorite pass time. If you don’t have nerves of steel, you’ll probably crack at some point under their constant pressure.

#2. Virgos aren’t romantic

If you expected grand gestures, you might as well give up now. You won’t get jewelry or perfumes as an apology, nor flowers or candies for that matter.

Virgos are bossy. They know the best and their way of doing things is the best way. Even if you try your hardest, it won’t be enough, so just let them do it in the first place.

#3 Virgos like to complain

Since they love to do everything they will make you feel bad about it, like you are lazy and you’re dumping the whole load on their backs.

Virgos are susceptible to gambling. If they get hooked it’s almost impossible for them to get out of it.

#4 Virgos are manipulative

Virgos often opt for psychological manipulation and when you call them out on it they pretend like you imagined it. They try to be verbal magicians – “now you see me, now you don’t” and they make it sound like it’s all in your heard.

Virgos are self-convinced philanthropists. They believe that the end justifies the means. Thus, they are capable of some very morally-questionable acts and choices but they will call it altruism because it was all for a “good cause”.

#5 Virgos are stubborn

If you try to get them something you want done, they can suddenly rebel and refuse to do it, this can last for days on end.

Virgos can be emotionally detached and closed off. If you expected warmth and emotional hand-holding, you can give up now, they don’t do that. They deal with their emotions by compartmentalizing and they would prefer if you did the same.

#6 Virgos can be cold-blooded

If you ever wrong them in some serious way you are gone and forgotten, as if you never existed. So, make sure not to wrong them in any way.

Virgos are great brokers and they can make a profit out of anything and anyone. Make sure you’re aware of the “fine print” when you’re signing the documents with them.

#7 Virgos are prone to becoming lazy

Virgos love sweets, they are prone to gaining weight, if they become too introverted they will skip on the gym days which will lead to them becoming overweight. Once they become lazy about their body, they’ll hardly change it for the better.

Virgos don’t give compliments, if they did – they would be the best in it, alas they do not. If a Virgo gives you a “free” compliment, know that something is up.

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