Pros and Cons of Loving a Taurus

Pros and Cons of Loving a Taurus

  • August 27, 2021

Were you ever seduced by an epitome of god/goddess of eroticism? If yes, and you caught feelings, then this article is for you as we explain both the good and the bad things about loving a Taurus.

Taurus is the 2nd zodiac sign, its ruling planet is Venus, its element is Earth and patron god is Eros.

Taurus corresponds with the melancholic temperament and its gemstone is Rhodonite.

Good sides of loving a Taurus

#1. Taurus are steady and resilient

Once you awaken love in their heart it won’t go away for a long time. Taurus are steady individuals who prefer security and what is known to them.

They won’t leave you high and dry, and they will stand by you no matter what. Their love is long-lasting and secure, and no matter what kind of hurdles come your way – they will last through it.

#2. Taurus are great cooks

Taurus value food and they are capable of creating the most delicious recipes. They love good things in life and they know how to enjoy them. If you are not a hedonist, being with a Taurus will definitely change that.

#3. Taurus find security in material things

They enjoy nice things, and they love to buy nice things, you will never see a Taurus living in a nasty home or having a nasty wardrobe.

They find comfort and security in being well off, and they will work and save hard in order to afford luxurious life style for themselves and their loved ones.

#4. Taurus are sensual

It’s not for naught that their ruling planet is the planet of love. Taurus people know their way around pleasure and they know how to give it.

If you are more on the animalistic side and you love to enjoy – Taurus is a person for you, they really know how to make you have the time of your life.

#5. Taurus are beautiful

People with Taurus placements (Rising, Venus, Mars) are extremely beautiful people. Simply put they are ‘eye-candy’, think Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, and Henry Cavill J

If you are someone who is turned on visually, Taurus people are a right choice for you, you will have plenty of visual stimulation with them.

#6. Taurus are sturdy and strong

Both men and women that have Mars in Taurus are very strong and “durable” people, and no, not only in the gym.

Taurus people can work harder and endure longer than other people. They are very strong and have a lot of stamina stored in their bodies.

If you work out (because you love to eat, of course) and if you love long sexual encounters, Taurus are excellent partners for you. They can last hours in the gym, and outside of it J

Bad sides of loving a Taurus

#1. Taurus people are boring

It’s true that they often lack motivation, and they don’t like to explore new things, unless it’s food.

These people prefer the safety of “tried and tested”, and they are not big on spontaneous decisions, adventures and things that might cost them money.

#2. Taurus are lazy

Laziness is in their nature, and all of them who look really good actually have steel will. They are also naturally soft and plumpy, so if you see a sculpted Taurus, know that hours and hours of workout went into that body.

They will also prefer to stay at home and lie on the couch in their free time. The farthest they are willing to go out on their day off is their own garden.

#3. Taurus are hedonists

So much so that they might turn out to be a bad influence on you. They seek enjoyment above all else and sometimes they might forget to work and let it all be play.

They will pamper you, smother you with finer things in life, but that may turn out to be quite destructive for you, so beware, know your limits and teach your Taurus to respect them in order for them to respect you.

#4. Taurus are stingy

Yep, they can love money than you and it might show. They love to hoard money, they find security in it, they also prefer to buy something luxurious for their homestead instead of buying something for you.

There’s not much you can do about it except get used to it. They also don’t like to borrow their things to others, and the same goes for their food – never touch Taurus’ food.

#5. Taurus are dangerous

Especially Mars in Taurus people. They will need a lot of time to react, but if you do push them over the edge and into a reactive mode – you are done for. Run for the hills and run for your life. Taurus don’t joke around once they see red.

Have you ever seen a bull in a corrida? If you have – you get the idea of how bloody it can get with a furious Taurus.

#6. Taurus are jealous

Although they rarely show it, if ever, and although you might’ve never guessed – they are. So be careful how and what kind of information you share that could cause jealousy in them.

Taurus will not confront you about it, but instead they might do something quite critical behind your back, so watch it.

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