Pros and Cons of Loving a Scorpio

Pros and Cons of Loving a Scorpio

  • August 28, 2021

Did you fall in love with a dark and mysterious Scorpio? Well, worry not, in today’s article we are going to give you info on both the good and the bad sides of loving a Scorpio.

Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign, its ruling planet is Pluto (yes, Pluto is a planet!), its element is Water and patron god is Hades.

Scorpio corresponds with the phlegmatic temperament and its gemstones are onyx and black tourmaline.

Good sides of loving a Scorpio

#1. Scorpio is a ride-or-die type

Scorpios are intense creatures that dwell in the dark, where there’s lack of light, powerful shadows rise and rule. Also, we cannot forsake the Scorpio’s element – Water.

They are very emotional creatures, no matter how well they hide it. Once you awaken their passion and feelings there is no going back. That’s why Scorpios or ride-or-die people, they are with you until the bittersweet end, whether you like it or not. So be careful what you wish for…

#2. Scorpios are intense

Having a small, yet so very powerful Pluto as a ruling planet is not easy. Pluto works with the forces unseen by the most, he transfigures and transforms, and Scorpios are the only ones who can deal with his intense energies.

Which is why Scorpios themselves are so very intense, they love and hate to the bone. If you invoke love in their heart, be ready to feel the sunburn on your own skin.

#3. Scorpios are intuitive

These individuals know things before you even think them. They are amazing profilers and detectives. And, as if that wasn’t enough, they have deep intuition that can tip them off when something is not as it should be.

If you have deep feelings for them – they will know, it’s as if they can read minds, and many of them actually can. But don’t be alarmed, and definitely don’t try to hide your thoughts from them. No matter how dirty your mind can get – it’s nothing that a Scorpio can’t handle, remember, they are ruled by the master of the Underground – Pluto himself.

#4. Scorpios are painfully smart

There’s a reason why some of the best detectives and profilers out there are Scorpios – they have such powerful and sharp wits about them, that almost no one can spar with them.

If you feel stuck or you have a problem that you, yourself can’t find a solution to, go to your Scorpio – they will figure it out in no time. But, they might make you work for it, too… They are “witty” like that.

#5. Scorpios are tender

Something they hide very well and not many people would guess about them. But yes, they are very tender and sophisticated, they just prefer to show a more rugged side of them in order to protect themselves – like a hedgehog.

They are also the most romantic sign out there, I mean who else is ready to ride off a cliff with you? None other than Scorpio.

#6. Scorpios are passionate

This is a prejudice that everyone has about Scorpios, but it is true. They are very passionate and extreme in their fetishes and sexual expression. However, they are not like that with everyone, only with those who have earned their trust.

If you want to have a time of your life with a Scorpio, you have to work for it and give it your best.

Bad sides of loving a Scorpio

#1. Scorpios are paranoid

These people can have the slightest of hints or preconceived messages from beyond and they will become your judge, jury and guillotine.

If you are someone who dislikes their honesty being questioned, someone who values their privacy above all else and someone who doesn’t put up with crazy behaviors, then you better give up on a Scorpio, they can get crazy from 0 to 100 in a millisecond, no questions asked.

#2. Scorpios are secretive
For someone who is ready to take a peek at your phone whenever they please, they are very secretive about their own affairs.

They won’t tell you things unless you’ve asked them, and even then it’s a question of how much exactly will they reveal to you and at what doses.

If you like things to be direct, clear and simple, Scorpio will test your patience to the utmost extent.

#3. Scorpios are jealous

And you’ll probably find out too late. Once you’ve made your Scorpio even slightly jealous you can expect crazy things from them.

One of the basic things would be public humiliation, and some of the more extreme would be blood-letting when you least expect it.

Make sure to make your Scorpio feel secure and safe in your affections, or else…

#4. Scorpios are possessive

For people who desire their own alone time and privacy, they can be overwhelmingly nosey about your own time and people you spend it with.

It’s okay for them to cut you out and leave you high and dry when it suits them, but it’s not okay for you to do the same to them, especially when you want to hang out with your friends or go on a trip without them.

#5. Scorpios can’t let go

If you want to break up with your Scorpio, steel your nerves. These people don’t let go, if you awoke feelings and love in their heart, you won’t be getting off that train easy, no sir.

#6. Scorpios are dark

As in sucking all the joy out from you and turning it into pessimism and sadness. They can do that, and they can do it often, sometimes intentionally, but more often not. It’s just how they are wired, and how their mind works.

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