Have you ever fallen in love with an uncatchable Sagittarius? In today’s article we’ll go over the pros and cons to dating and loving a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the 9th zodiac sign, it’s ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of good luck, cheer and expansion. Its element is fire, and patron god is Zeus.

Sagittarius corresponds with the choleric temperaments and its gemstone is turquoise – the crystal of wisdom and philosophy.

Good sides of loving a Sagittarius 

#1. Sagittarius are cheerful people

Sagis are lively people who, above all else, have a positive outlook on life, things and others. They bring “fresh air” wherever they show up, and in their presence experiencing new perspectives and outlook on things is natural.

Sagis love to bring merriment and cheer with them wherever they go, and they feel it’s their life’s mission to cheer others up. They cannot leave a person in a bad mood, or else they’ll feel as if they’ve failed them somehow.

#2. Sagittarius are adventurous individuals

They love traveling, seeing new places, experiencing foreign cultures and having adrenaline-ridden adventures. Sagis are easily bored, their mind is overactive and it needs to be entertained.

They love spending time in nature, observing beautiful landscapes, meeting new animals, and practicing extreme sports. They believe that best memories are the ones that have left their heart pounding.

#3. Sagittarius are smart and imaginative 

Jupiter has blessed them with expansive mind that’s always on the move. These people are constantly seeking higher truths, new puzzles and mysteries. They love to be detectives who will solve the questions that only they can think of.

Sagittarius people are amazing teachers. They are great pedagogues and they know how to inspire interest and fan the flames of curiosity in others.

They are able to teach with ease and humor, always keeping their audience entertained and hungry for more.

#4. Sagittarius are funny

Sagis have an amazing sense of humor. Many of them are stand-up comedians because they know how to make others laugh, and are capable to diffuse a glum situation like no other.

Amazing thing about Sagittarius is that even when horrible things have happened to them, they find a way to laugh about it and make jokes. They heal and help others heal through laughter.

#5. Sagittarius are romantic, in wild-west kind of way 

They love a challenge. If you want to have a good time with them, give them the freedom to express themselves, they will most definitely surprise you and give you a time of your life.

Yes, Sagittarius are centaurs – half human, half horse, they can philosophize until the dead hours of the night, but they are also animalistic – if you challenge them to show you a definition of a great time, and you are up for an adventure – you will be mind-blown.

They are smart individuals, but they are also in tune with their instincts and intuition, which makes for a very powerful combo that can provide awesome pleasure, both mental and physical.

#6. Sagittarius are very independent

Sagittarius people are the least clingy people. They value their alone time, their own company and thoughts. Sure, they love to share their adventures with their loved ones, but not much else.

These people need their alone time so that they may recharge their batteries, recuperate and replenish their strength. They also need their “me” time in order to go over the burning questions that arise in their mind.

They have a blast on their own, as much as they can have a great time in company, they can have better time still when they are left to their own devices and experiments.

Bad sides of loving Sagittarius

#1. They are very independent

Sagittarius value their own freedom and personal time so much so that sometimes they can be extremely unwilling to share themselves with their partners.

They can seem very aloof, detached and distant in a relationship, almost as if they don’t care. And sometimes, they really don’t, but not most of the time. They are just too busy or preoccupied with their own ideas, research topics and theories.

#2. Sagittarius have a dark sense of humor

Their humor can strike at any time and any place, most probably on a funeral. They have no bounds when it comes to humor, and they joke around even the most sensitive topics, like death.

This is why they are labeled as insensitive and sociopathic.

#3. Sagittarius avoid commitment

They will gladly avoid putting labels on their relationships and partners. They prefer to remain “free” and unbound by any obligations that standard social norms impose.

They are just like wild horses – they want to run free and uninterrupted, and if they find someone who can keep up with them – that’s great. If not… well, you can get very disappointed.

#4. Sagittarius are tactless

These natives lack tact. They can be brutally honest and their words can wound deeply without that even being their true intention. They simply don’t have a filter between their mouth and their brain.

These people just say whatever is on their mind, whenever, and expect others to receive their words just as they said them – directly and without complications. Alas, not everyone has the same power of emotional detachment and objective thinking as they do.

#5. Sagittarius are easily bored

Since their mind is very fast and they are natural-born learners that get on with the new concepts and information very fast, they are bound to feel bored once the subject stops being intriguing.

The bad thing is that same goes for people in their lives. They easily fall out of love, and their fascination is not everlasting. Once they’ve figured out how someone works, they are prone to “moving on” to a new, “shiny” thing, or in this case – person.

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