Pros and Cons of Loving a Gemini

Pros and Cons of Loving a Gemini

  • September 2, 2021

You’ve been wondering what’s it like to be in love with a chatty Gemini? Well, look no further because we are going to give you info on both good and bad sides of loving a Gemini in today’s article.

Gemini is the 3rd zodiac sign, its ruling planet is Mercury, its element is Air and patron deity is Hermes.

Gemini’s temperament is sanguine and its gemstone is the tiger’s eye.

Good sides of loving a Gemini 

#1. Gemini are knowledgeable

These natives have all sorts of information at their disposal. They know something about everything and everyone. If they don’t – they find out in minutes.

If you love to be entertained and you seek knowledge and love to learn new things – you will have a blast with Gemini, they are truly the embodiment of Hermes.

#2. Gemini are intelligent 

If you are about to enter a debate with a Gemini – be prepared to lose. These natives are very smart, too smart for their own good sometimes, and they have the vast variety of information at their disposal.

If a library of Alexandria could be a person, it would be a Gemini. If you need help with something intellectual or you need a concrete advice – Gemini has got your back.

#3. Gemini are spontaneous

They are unpredictable, they think fast and act even faster. If you love to be kept on your toes, if you desire adventure and new experiences – Gemini are a great fit for you.

They are always on the lookout for new things, new ways to have fun and new experiences. These natives hold the true spirit of children in their hearts.

#4. Gemini are talkative

These people love to share information and talk. They can talk as if they just drank three energy drinks and two espressos.

The good thing is that you’ll never be bored with them, and your time together will feel like constant learning and expanding of your mind.

#5. Gemini are kinky

These natives like to play in the bedroom, too. You will get a chance to experience a lot of interesting things, and they will be down to try anything at least once.

Also, if you have certain fetishes and fantasies – Gemini will gladly make them come true to life.

They love to experiment and try new things, if you make them feel relaxed and comfortable by sharing a mental connection, there’s no telling what might go down in the sheets.

#6. Gemini love to text

These natives will keep you engaged in their day by constant texting or even calling. If you aren’t physically together, they will make sure you know you are thought of.

They want to share their thoughts and ideas with you, so be prepared for a lot of short messages coming in hot and fast.

Bad sides of loving a Gemini

#1. Geminis are flaky

Their mind changes faster than the wind. One moment they think they feel a certain way, and by the evening that could change.

Same goes for their emotions. God forbid you make them feel as if you’re holding them back, they will drop you faster than a hot potato.

And there’s a few people who can make them feel not held back, a.k.a. few people who are faster than them.

#2. Geminis have short attention span

These natives are easily distracted, there’s not much in this world that can hold their attention for prolonged periods of time.

Opposite from Sagittarius who loves to go in depth about any topic or interest, Geminis prefer to stay afloat and go how the wind blows.

Which is why they might get bored of you very fast and easily, try to stay interesting, come up with new things and information for their mind to play with if you want to keep them.

#3. Geminis gossip

They don’t know the meaning of “privacy”. If you told them something in secret, know that it’s not secret any more.

These natives have no sense when it comes to ‘sensitive’ information and if they find it funny or if they think it would be an interesting information – they will share it, without a second thought.

So, if you’re someone who is very secluded, private and closed up, Geminis are not your cup of it, or you will get in a lot of arguments.

#4. Geminis are prone to ghosting

They will leave you high and dry without any sort of explanation. They can go from surging you with messages to not answering your calls in weeks.

They are pros at ghosting, and if you never hear from them again, know that you’ve been ghosted. That’s it until the next Mercury retrograde, at least.

If you ask them about it, they will give you an unspecified answer, something like “I’ve been busy” or “the app wasn’t working”.

#5 Geminis are chaos embodied

If you’re someone who values security and safety above all else, you need to stay away from Gemini. They thrive on chaos, and they sail just fine in untested waters.

They are bored if everything is going smoothly, and the seas are calm, they need excitement, challenges and adventure.

If they break a few eggs when they’re making their chaotic omelet  – so be it, it won’t bother them, at all, but it might bother you, a lot.

#6. Geminis don’t rest

These natives have a crazy amount of mental stamina, and they can go a long time without sleeping.

They also have higher blood pressure and they operate on a higher frequency than most people.

If you are not wired in the same way, and you can’t keep up with them, they will let you know in a very cold and detached manner.

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