Pros and Cons of Loving a Capricorn

Pros and Cons of Loving a Capricorn

  • September 3, 2021

Have you fallen in love with a stern and cold Capricorn? In today’s article you are going to find out what makes these sturdy people tick, and what’s good and bad about them.

Capricorn is the 10th zodiac sign, its ruling planet is Saturn – the lord of time and karma, its element is Earth and patron god Cronus.

Capricorn’s temperament is melancholic and its gemstones are jet and smoky quartz.

Good sides of loving a Capricorn

#1. Capricorns are reliable

These natives are nothing if not reliable. You can rest your load on their strong shoulders and they will carry it up the hill for you, well not with a smile, with a frown, but they will carry it up the hill for you.

You can always count on them, and although you will usually get a lecture that goes with it, they will help you out and give you the strength needed to finish the job.

#2. Capricorns are mature

It’s as if these people were born old. They were never children, they have known maturity and responsibility from a young age and they got along much better with their elders than their peers.

These natives have a tendency to take everything seriously and they worry too much.

#3. Capricorns are successful

They worked hard from a young age and focused on their goals until they fulfilled them all, one by one.

Their patience and sheer will are unparalleled. Almost no one else can pull off what they are capable to do, and they do not give up, ever.

Their success is the mirror of their dedication and focus.

#4. Capricorns’ love lasts for a long time

If they fall in love with you they are not easy to fall out of love. They will love you for a long time, sometimes even until their dying day and even after you, yourself are long gone.

Capricorns don’t know how to stop nor how to quit, so if you awoke a permanent change in them – in this case via love, they will love you until the end of time. And no matter how much you disappoint them, or even betray them – they will stay loyal and stick with you.

#5. Capricorns have a very childish sense of humor

They do, even if you would never have guessed it. They can and will goof around you if they feel relaxed in your presence.

Their sense of humor is not the peak humor out there, but they can make you laugh just by being themselves and being foolish.

#6. Capricorns are very technical

When it comes to lovemaking, they will not let you down. They are steady learners and they will use their sheer will and patience to find out what makes you tick.

With time, if you give them the time, they will surprise you time and time again with their technical prowess in bed. They are dedicated to giving you pleasure, and you will be able to witness that through their effort, your pleasure is their success, so they will work hard for it J

Bad sides of loving a Capricorn

#1. Capricorns dislike change

If you want to do spontaneous things, go on sudden adventures and try new things, your Capricorn will be very displeased. They will follow you around, if you nag them long enough, but they will do so with a frown.

Capricorns don’t do change, and they don’t feel comfortable straying from their daily plans and tracks.

#2. They like to nag

Capricorns are masters of giving unnecessary lectures. You will often feel like a child that did something wrong and they are the stern grandparent that wants to educate you on your wrongdoings.

They can nag for the smallest of things and they are never satisfied, no one can do it better than them, but they will constantly ask you to do things and then show their displeasure.

They are very demanding and almost never satisfied. It’s slow-burn torture in measured doses.

#3. They are traditional

They often have outdated mindsets, opinions and ideas. They can be stuck in the past and act in illogical ways just because they were raised so. They are also great history buffs, and they pick up old traditions and ways of thinking quite easily.

Spending extended periods of time with them would feel like prison for someone like Aquarius who likes to focus on the future and is ahead of their own time.

#4. Capricorns are pessimistic

They can often be real downers. They have this ‘glass is half-empty’ outlook on things and life in general. That’s thanks to their ruler – Saturn, that guy is opposite of Jupiter – Saturn gave them tough love and harshest of lessons throughout their life.

It’s difficult for them to be optimistic and cheerful, and that can seep onto you and your mood often.

#5. Capricorns are harsh bosses

Once they become bosses or rise to the positions of power, they tend to be ruthless and harsh. Kindness is not in their vocabulary because they didn’t experience it themselves.

#6. Capricorns are stiff

They find it hard to relax, and even when they go on a vacation they will think about the job and the chores that are waiting for them back home.

They really don’t know how to let go, and they don’t know how to have fun. And, it’s almost impossible to teach them how to have fun, so if you don’t mind having a stern person who frowns all the time around – go for it.

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