Pros and Cons of Loving a Cancer

Pros and Cons of Loving a Cancer

  • September 4, 2021

Have you ever fallen in love with a persuasive Cancer? In today’s article we’ll give you the summary of what’s it really like to love a Cancer, together with its positive and negative sides.

Cancer is 4th zodiac sign, it’s ruling planet is a luminary actually – Moon, its element is water and patron goddess Hera.

Cancer corresponds with the phlegmatic temperament and its gemstones are opal and moonstone.

Good sides of loving a Cancer 

#1. Cancers are caretakers

Cancers are ruled by the Moon. Their emotions run deep and strong, most of them are empaths and they feel everything strongly. Since their emotions are enhanced, the same goes for their instincts.

In their case the parenting instinct – they find themselves naturally caring for others and easily falling in the role of a caretaker. Caring for others is something they do instinctively and they don’t have any control over it.

#2. Cancers are emotional

Many times, it’s very difficult for a Cancer to think with a clear head and be objective about a matter. Like oceans, they are controlled by the Moon and their emotions have high and low tides, all within a span of a day.

Their emotions are their compass, and they follow them to a fault. If you manage to seize their heart, they will love you to the Moon and back and try to give you the world.

#3 Cancers are homebodies

If you love to Netflix and chill, then you are soulmates! Cancers love to beautify their homestead, to nourish their plants, to cook and create a nice, homey aroma. They prefer to stay in their homes, their safe space with their loved ones.

They will love to pamper you, cook for you and cuddle you beneath a warm blanket. You can go out on dates, sure, but why bother when you can get the best service at home, next to your Cancer?

#4. Cancers love pie

And all other homemade dishes that warm the soul. They will express their emotions through cooking and baking, and if they make you a delicious pie – know that you have stolen their heart.

Cancers are great chefs, and all of their food tastes amazing because they cook it with heart.

#5. Cancers are healers

Since they are empaths and deeply emotional, it’s only natural that they are healers. Cancers instinctively know how to hold space for others. They will make you feel safe and sound, and they will help you heal.

They can make you brave enough to delve deep into yourself and your traumas in order to overcome them. Cancers really are like healing waters that will wash and rejuvenate your very soul.

#6. Cancers are sensitive

Be nice to them, be kind to them, be considerate of them. Don’t force them into activities and scenarios where they feel insecure. Respect their boundaries, they give you so much and ask so very little back.

Take good care of your Cancer, even the best caretakers need to be taken care of. Be mindful of their boundaries, ask them often how are they, be there for them, support them on their journey as they have supported you in your life.

Bad sides of loving a Cancer

#1. Cancers are a bit crazy

As people who are under constant emotional voltage they do tend to become a bit crazy. Especially if paranoia hits them, and they conjure up their inner demons to the surface, they can get really crazy really fast.

But even in those times of craziness, their intuition is razor-sharp, so don’t try to lie to them, it’s best to be honest, and if you get cut – well you got what you deserved.

#2. Cancers are possessive

If you are someone who is extroverted, has a lot of friends, travels a lot and spends time outdoors, your Cancer might exhibit some unusual behavior.

They get possessive quite easily and then they tend to act a bit suffocating. They will try to smother you and manipulate you into staying beside them and forsaking your own hobbies and activities in order to stay with them.

#3 Emotional manipulation

Since their temperament is phlegmatic, instead of a direct and open approach to what’s bothering them, they will opt to emotionally manipulate you into doing their bidding.

They are very sneaky, smart and can easily manipulate others to act as they deem fit. They are also prone to gaslighting, so beware.

#4. Passive aggression

As mentioned above, they will avoid open confrontation and direct approach. But if you have made them unhappy on more than one occasion and they deem you’ve done wrong by them, they will let you know through passive aggressive ticks.

Cancers can be very annoying when it comes to this particular behavior, and they tend to overuse it, it’s best to confront them directly and ask for a solution in a calm manner when they get like this.

#5. Cancers can be great liars

Since they have studied you in and out, and they know your thought and reaction patterns, if they want, they can lie to you proficiently and you would not even notice it.

So beware if you feel like something is off, it probably is – your Cancer has lied to you and the hole probably goes even deeper, who knows what else they are keeping from you.

#6. Cancers can snap

If continuously disrespected and/or neglected, Cancer have a nasty tendency of snapping. When that occurs it’s best to stay away from them because they can’t be held countable for their actions.

Emotional rage has overtaken them and they are not going to be themselves until they are either exhausted or sedated.

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