Pisces is a true romantic, not only when it comes to love but also when it comes to life in general.

They go through life with rose-tinted glasses, and while this quality can be charming at times, it can be annoying at best, downright dangerous at worst.

Thus, Pisces thrives in relationships with steadfast and reliable signs that can help them temper their dreamy personalities into something more down-to-earth.

Signs like…


taurus zodiac sign

Pisces and Taurus have as many differences as they have similarities, which leads to a potentially wonderful relationship, as long as both parties work for it.

There are many similarities that come naturally to these two: Both like the arts, both enjoy spending time with their loved ones, both love relaxation and comfort, and both adore the idea of decorating their home until it looks just right.

On the other hand, Taurus has a materialistic approach to pleasure, while Pisces is more holistic; Taurus is as stubborn as they come, while Pisces tend to be people-pleasers, amongst other things.

This clash of values leads to the kind of relationship that needs a little work and “maintenance,” but can run smoothly on its own otherwise.

This means that Pisces and Taurus need not only to acknowledge their differences but also to work towards them, learning to compromise and find the right balance between their personalities and desires.

It’s very easy for Taurus’ strong personality to overwhelm Pisces more laid-back one, which can lead to resentment if this issue isn’t addressed, but as long as both parties have space and communicate openly, there’s very little that will be able to stand in their way.


cancer zodiac sign

These water signs are evenly matched in temperament and life philosophy, resulting in a peaceful and positive match if we’ve ever seen one.

Both signs are open-minded, empathetic, and kindhearted, though they tend to approach the same situations differently.

Cancers are more logical, while Pisces is more creative. Cancers are more materialistic, while Pisces is more spiritual.

Regardless of their differences, their understanding and easy-going personalities can lead to a fantastic match, as each one has qualities that will help them temper and improve the other’s weaknesses.

Pisces can show Cancer how to be more creative and spiritual, foregoing some of their material comforts in favor of experiences.

Cancer can help ground Pisces more outlandish ideas, reminding them that, while having dreams is fantastic, having dreams that can be achieved is even better.

Both Cancer and Pisces are very family-oriented and find comfort from being at home with their loved ones, resulting in a relationship that may not be the most adventurous out there, but it’ll certainly be stable.


Believe it or not, Pisces and Scorpio can be a fantastic match, even though their personalities couldn’t be more different.

This is the typical case of “opposites attract,” though it can easily be described as “opposites complement each other.”

Though Scorpio’s more logical, even cold approach to life might clash with Pisces’ more optimistic, bordering naïve attitude, both signs can come together to form a true power couple.

Scorpio will provide a solid foundation to the relationship while Pisces will take it to the next level; In other words, Scorpio will build the house, and Pisces will turn it into a home.

Though Scorpios are more logical, they’re far from unfeeling, and their passionate emotions blend wonderfully with Pisces own.

They’re both loyal, romantic, and committed, treating relationships with seriousness rather than as casual flings.

While there’s a potential for power-imbalance in this relationship, an adequately balanced Cancer/Pisces relationship is full of admiration and understanding, where both parties can bring out the best of each other without leaving all the hard work to the other party.


Though they may not appear so at first, these two are surprisingly compatible, despite their many many differences.

You’d think pairing up one of the Zodiac’s most level-headed and logical signs with one of the most emotional ones would be a recipe for disaster, but the truth is that these differences are what makes this couple work so well.

This won’t be a relationship that flows naturally at first. The differences are too big for the couple to “click” immediately, but once both parties know and understand each other?

Then they’ll be unstoppable.

Capricorn’s level-headed and hyper-logical personality can help stabilize Pisces and give them the stability they require. In contrast, Pisces can help Capricorn reach their dreams by not only motivating them but encouraging them to have dreams in the first place.

Though their differences are very pronounced, their similarities run deep and can motivate them to pursue a serious relationship with each other.

Both Pisces and Capricorn and loyal, family-oriented, and committed to their relationships. Though they may not rush into it, they like the idea of starting a family and are often on the lookout for people who feel the same way.

If Capricorn and Pisces can learn to navigate the complications of the first few months dating successfully, they have the potential of becoming one of the best romantic pairings in the entire Zodiac.

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