Have you ever noticed a dark silent man standing at the back of the room, calm and collected, his eyes intensely focused? That’s your Scorpio man, who makes for a very loyal friend but formidable enemy.

Scorpio gets a bad reputation when it comes to Astrology, but there is more than what meets the eye to a Scorpio man. In this article we have collected some top traits to watch out for in a Scorpio man.

#1. They are Misunderstood

Scorpios are misunderstood people and it will show in their sometimes-lonesome behaviour. They don’t seek social solutions to their problems which means as friends they can be hard to reach or engage with. They will also not come to you easily. It will be you that has to seek them out. But tread carefully when around a Scorpio because if you hurt them, they will hold it against you forever.

As you may have guessed from the silent man at the back of the room weighing-up everyone’s analogy, your Scorpio man does not trust easily. And he has good reason for that. The Scorpio man is ultimately a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, so that is where you are likely to find him. He will be the man to secretly save the day while everyone is looking elsewhere. A perfect example of this character is the potions teacher Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series.

#2. He’s Ambitious

Make no question about it, the Scorpio man is one of the most ambitious signs of the Zodiac, and can even challenge Leo for ultimate kingship. This is because Scorpios are the masters of what goes on behind the stage doors. This is more empowering than you think because the Scorpio has an understanding of the inner workings of a place, particularly its failings. Furthermore, the Scorpio is a hard-worker with a supernatural energy, working well into the night… the night being when the Scorpio works at his best. This puts him way ahead of his competition and makes him one hell of an opponent.

#3. Your Scorpio man makes for a very good spy.

The Scorpio man loves what can’t be seen, or what is behind the surface appearance of things. He loves mysteries. From TV crime dramas to the origins of mystery religions, or a more local and real-life concern that he has. You can bet your Scorpio man has a keen insight on it. This is because the Scorpio man wants to go deeper and deeper and deeper and won’t stop digging until he finds the truth, and the truth is a treasure he values more than any other sign. He is also very good at going unnoticed.

The Scorpio man also has a laser-like ability to pick up on the secret agendas of others. He will pick up on the slightest nuances, mood and changes in the atmosphere and use them to his advantage. He tunes in on the psychic waves.

#4. He knows how to handle a crisis

One key word to getting to know the Scorpio man is Resilience. He can withstand almost anything. He will go through it and survive it. But why? It’s because he is the fixed water sign and has this boundless capacity to soak up any emotional crisis and process it better than any other sign, without letting it overpower him. This also means he makes the very best of friends to have on call if you yourself are having a crisis. The Scorpio man in particular is the silent and strong emotional support you need. This is because the Scorpio has the spiritual essence in him to help you when you’re going through your own crisis, who says all the right things, and knows when to keep silent.

This brings us onto our next top trait.

#5. He’s Philosophical.

Scorpio is one of those men that can send a chill up your spine, a goose-bump up your arm. He can trigger a nerve in you with a simple flick of his spiritual tail. Born in the middle of Autumn, when the leaves are falling from the trees and life is slowly coming to a close – when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest – your Scorpio man understands himself on a transformative scale, more than any other sign in the Zodiac, and this does put him in touch with his spiritual core.

When you think of a Scorpio man’s spirituality, picture a snake that is about to shed its skin. The snake will quieten down and curl up somewhere alone while it goes through this process.

End: And remember, the Mars Zodiac sign when your Scorpio man was born, it will tell you how he acts his Scorpio essence in his life.

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  • Nope. Leo Man is the ultimate warrior-king.

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