When you first start seeing someone, you probably browse their social media accounts, right?  Most people do this, especially now that we are in the social media age, snooping on your partner or potential partner is pretty much the norm.

You can take it up a gear by searching for more information using the stars, you can learn a lot about someone by looking into their star sign and investigating what makes them tick, and what attracts them most in a potential partner.

It is important to learn as much as you can about someone before taking the plunge to actually date them. Therefore, if the stars can give you a helping hand, give it a try!

If you are dating or interested in dating a scorpio, you should understand that he is intensely passionate and highly sexual. This pretty much common knowledge however, you might not be so well versed on his likes and dislikes.

Are you interested in finding out the essential trait that he looks for in a woman? Finding out what his Zodiac sign is, can really help you to determine whether or not you are the right girl for him. Obviously, you should learn to be objective and open minded but do bear in mind that Zodiac Signs can provide you with a lot of information about the type of person you are dating.


Aries men usually like women who are extremely confident in themselves. He loves a woman who is a sucker for adventure and who firmly speaks her mind, he will certainly fall for a woman with such traits.


They ideal woman for Taurus men can cook up a good meal, loves good food and enjoys beautiful scents and finer things. They are very much interested in aesthetics and they love women who share the same interest.

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The most important trait for a Gemini man is intelligence. They love women that can hold an intellectual conversation with and share opinions and facts. They also love women who share the same sense of humor as them.


Cancer men love trustworthy women. They often find it difficult to express their true feelings but when they trust a woman, they will gladly share what is on their mind. Cancer men need to feel a sense of safety and security with the women they choose.


Leo men are extremely passionate and assertive, they want a woman who has exactly the same traits as him. Bold, confident and self-assured.



Virgo men are interested in women who are honest and sincere. They want a woman who stands by her values and lives her life with integrity.


Libra men like women who are laid back, cool, calm and collected. They want a woman who is able to go with the flow and relax. If you want to date a Libra man, calm down and take life as it comes. If you enjoy conflict and confrontation, you will find it difficult to get along with a Libra man. They want a harmonious and stress free relationship.


Scorpio men love mysterious women, they thrive on learning and growing with a woman. They don’t want to know everything about a woman from day one, they want to discover and unravel everything about the woman as time goes on.

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Sagittarius men love a woman who harbours a strong desire to travel. A spontaneous, nomadic woman who enjoys meeting new people and discovering new things and places.


Capricorn men love patient women because they are usually extremely dedicated and goal-oriented. Therefore, they spend copious amounts of time working. This will certainly take its toll on any relationship moreover, any woman that gets into a relationship with a Capricorn man will have to be extremely patient.



Aquarius men love women who are unconventional, they are interested in women who have distinctive style, quirky and interesting to talk to.


Pisces men love women who are not afraid to display their vulnerability. They prefer women who are honest and forthcoming about their feelings. They like women who are caring and nurturing.

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