Scorpios are a confusing sign that most people don’t fully understand.

While they might appear calm and collected, they’re actually very emotional, which can lead to some awkward situations you’ll do well to avoid.

To bypass said situations, avoid saying these seven things to a Scorpio!

#1. Stop being So Intense

Scorpios don’t do anything halfway, and that includes their emotions.

There’s no room in their life for gray areas, and they approach everything with the kind of certainty and passion that can easily intimidate people.

Scorpios can’t stop being intense, so being told to cut it out can seriously upset them.

#2. Dude, just trust me.

Scorpios are one of the least gullible signs in the Zodiac, so being told to trust someone causes the opposite effect almost instantaneously.

Scorpios want to know everything, despise surprises, and want to be as well-informed as they can, and though they’re capable of trusting others, you need to prove yourself trustworthy before they even begin to consider taking you at face value.

#3. You Think Too Highly of Yourself.

Scorpios have a big ego, and they’re not afraid of acknowledging it.

They can be prideful, egotistical, and downright arrogant, and while those things can upset others, they certainly don’t bother Scorpios one bit.

They’d rather die than submit to others, so telling them that they think too highly of themselves is correct but will also lead you nowhere.

#4. No

Let’s be clear; you’re 100% allowed to saying no to a Scorpio. If you’re not comfortable with what a Scorpio is doing, tell them to stop, and if you don’t want to do whatever they want you to do, simply say no and walk away.

That said, Scorpio’s hate being told no, so don’t expect them to react favorably to your boundaries.

They can be huge bullies without even realizing it, and they can be downright toxic when they want to be, so someone acting against their wishes will undoubtedly make them mad.

#5. Don’t be jealous!

Scorpios hate sharing, can be incredibly insecure about other people’s affections, and will often blow things out of proportion if allowed to think about things too much.

The catch? They often aren’t willing to admit this, even to themselves, so they’ll stew in their own jealously without even acknowledging they’re jealous, which just makes the whole thing worse for everyone involved.

#6. Let It Go

Asking a Scorpio to drop something is like asking them to stop breathing. They might be able to do it for a few minutes, but they’ll go right back to their grudges and resentments almost immediately.

Scorpios don’t forget when they’ve been wronged or hurt, and though they might claim that they’ve moved on with their life, chances are they have not.

#7. I Know Best

Scorpios like doing things their way, and they find it hard to surrender their autonomy to others, even when those others have more knowledge and experience.

Telling a Scorpio that you know more than them and that they should do things your way, even if your way is the right way, will simply get you ignored.

Scorpios will do things their way, or they won’t do them at all.

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