Pisces are gentle individuals who often put other people’s needs before their own, but this doesn’t mean they never get upset.

In fact, they absolutely hate hearing these seven things.

#1. “Hurry Up!”

If there’s one thing Pisces hate, its being rushed. They need to do things at their own rhythm and time, or else they’re unlikely to perform well, or at all.

Rushing a Pisces will end either in tears or anger. Either way, it won’t get anything done.

#2. “Why Are You Lying?”

Pisces aren’t big liars, but they do tend to omit some truths, sometimes for no other reason than they aren’t sure whether they should share something with you.

Rather than getting annoyed or upset, try seeing things from Pisces’ perspective and gently coax them to reveal the whole truth.

Confronting them head-on, though, is going to do more harm than good.

#3. “You Live In The Clouds.”

It’s true that Pisces enjoy spending time in their head and often indulge in their own fantasies, but they’re usually far more focused on real life than people give them credit for.

For Pisces, their fantasies and their thoughts are a retreat, and they’ll go into their heads whenever they need a little break from the world, but only after they’ve finished doing whatever it is they need to do.

If a Pisces is constantly spacing out when around you, chances are they’d rather be anywhere else.

#4. “I Can’t Believe You Fell For That.”

Pisces want to see the best in others and are prone to fantastical thoughts that don’t necessarily correspond to their reality.

Unfortunately, this means that Pisces tend to be rather gullible as a whole and will buy into lies and scams easier than others.

While it’s okay to point out a scam before a Pisces falls for it, you should be as supportive as possible once it happens.

Pisces is already hurting. The last thing they need is you making fun of them.

#5. “I Don’t Think You Care.”

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone that cares more than Pisces, so accusing them of not caring is never going to go well.

This is an emotional sign that can’t help but to feel things intensely, even when it makes no sense, so don’t doubt for a second that they care about a situation or a person.

#6. “You Worry Too Much.”

Yes, they do.

Pisces worry entirely too much. They know this. You know this. Everyone knows this.

Must you really bring it up all the time?

Pisces doesn’t like worrying any more than you, and they’d love the opportunity to kick back and relax, but they can’t, so please, please, please stop telling them they shouldn’t worry.

It’ll get you nowhere.

#7. “It’s Your Choice.”

While Gemini might be known for its indecisiveness, Pisces are right up there alongside, as this sign finds it incredibly hard to make up their mind.

Pisces change their mind constantly, and the more choices they have, the more likely they are to do it, so sometimes it’s best if you just choose for them.

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