Mysterious, distant, and aloof. Capricorns are one of the most misunderstood signs in the Zodiac, in no small part because they like it that way.

Despite their reputation as completely unflappable, there are plenty of things that bother Capricorn, and being described with any of the following seven words definitely fits in that category.

#1. Inflexible

While it’s true that Capricorns can be very set in their ways, it’s a lie that they’re unwilling to change or admit that they’re wrong about something.

They’ll do so readily as long as you’re able to demonstrate that they’re in the wrong.

After all, Capricorns aren’t stubborn, they’re skeptical, and they’re far more comfortable going with what they already know than the new.

Show them that there’s a better way, though, and they’ll change their minds just fine.

#2. Aloof

Capricorns are often described as cold and emotionally unavailable, and though it’s true they tend to prefer being on their lonesome, it’s also true they’re capable of going to extremes for those they love.

They just do so privately and prefer to keep those actions to themselves.

Some people believe in telling people you love them. Capricorn believes in showing it through actions rather than words.

#3. Lazy

This is a sure way of infuriating a Capricorn because that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Capricorns are some of the hardest working people out there; they just happen to do it in a way that isn’t obvious.

Capricorns know that working smart is often way better than working hard, and they’ll find ways to streamline their workload and simplify their tasks to achieve the most, doing the least.

#4. Boring

Calling Capricorns boring isn’t only rude, but it’s completely wrong.

Capricorns are inventive, intelligent, and incredibly clever, making them one of the most interesting signs out there.

Of course, they’re not all fun and games, and they’re unlikely to spend their free time partying, but that doesn’t make them boring.

They just have fun in their own way!

#5. Meanspirited

Capricorns are many things, but meanspirited isn’t one of them.

They can be incredibly sarcastic and often have a dry sense of humor, which adds to their cold and cruel reputation.

Indeed, Capricorns are far from the most gentle signs in the Zodiac, and they often don’t realize their words can hurt others, but it’s very unlikely that they go out of their way to insult people.

Chances are if a Capricorn insults you, they don’t even realize they did it.

#6. Overambitious

Capricorns are ambitious signs who strive to be better every day.

While they’re primarily focused on self-improvement, this attitude can often rub people off the wrong way, as they’ll mistakenly assume Capricorns are too greedy and power-hungry.

Indeed, this trait will often land Capricorn in positions of power, but the power –and the wealth- are only positive side effects of what they’re really attempting to achieve: Standing out at what they do.

#7. Perfectionists

Yes, they are perfectionists.

Yes, they know this.

Yes, they’ve been told this over and over again.

Capricorns know they’re perfectionists. They don’t need you to tell them what they already know.

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