Cancers are known for being one of the most sensitive yet dedicated signs in the Zodiac.

Have one as your friend or a family member, and though there will be plenty of drama, you can be rest assured you’ll always have someone in your corner.

Because of who they are, though, it’s surprisingly easy to hurt their feelings, so make sure not to say any of these seven things to a Cancer!

#1. Don’t manipulate me.

Cancers are deeply in touch with their emotions, and they’re often just as skilled at identifying emotions in other people.

This gives them the ability to understand others to an unsettling degree, which can give the impression that they’re actively manipulating people.

Don’t get us wrong, Cancers can and will manipulate people’s emotions when they need to do it, but this doesn’t mean they’re always doing it, and accusing them of that can often end in disaster.

#2. Don’t be overbearing!

Cancerians tend to be very caring, and it’s easy for them to go overboard when showing their love to others.

They’ll fuss and worry over those who they care about, whether the other person wants them to or not, which can be endearing but also overwhelming.

If a Cancer is overwhelming you with their love, let them know, but choose your words carefully to avoid hurting their feelings.

#3. Don’t be so quiet!

Cancers tend to be very quiet, as they like to live in their own head and move at their own pace.

They’re not exuberant in their expressions, even when they’re enjoying themselves, which can be mistaken for being quiet and withdrawn.

#4. You’re too serious!

Not only do Cancers appear to be quieter than others, but they also appear to be more serious, if not downright aloof.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, as Cancers can be very amusing and fun individuals. They just need to be in an environment where they feel comfortable before sharing this side of themselves.

#5. Why do you see your family so often?

There’s nothing more critical to Cancers than their family, and this means that, even if they live in a whole different city or country, they’ll always make an effort to stay in touch and talk to them as often as possible.

This can be confusing, if not downright annoying to other people, but you need to understand that most Cancers build their life around their families, so asking them to be less family-oriented is like asking water to stop being wet.

#6. You’re too sensitive!

Whether they admit it or not, Cancers are compassionate souls that can be easily insulted or annoyed.

The easiest way to insult them? Calling them out on this trait and making them feel like there’s something wrong with being sensitive.

#7. Don’t be so clingy!

Cancerians care. They care so much that it can be overwhelming, if not downright suffocating.

Knowing a Cancer is all fun and games until they’re calling you every day or making weird assumptions about you being angry with them because you don’t talk to them enough.

This clinginess and overbearingness can be annoying and overwhelming, but you need to remind yourself that they do it because they care.

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