Motivation Source for each Zodiac Sign

Motivation Source for each Zodiac Sign

  • December 16, 2019

There are things that every person wants to achieve by the end of each day. For instance, you want to wake up every day and go to work. These are the day to day goals that we want to achieve. However, sometimes we lack the motivation to work on bigger and more impactful goals. You might find it challenging to work on tasks, and it becomes even more difficult when some of them seem overwhelming.

Think about it; you may be wanting to join a weight loss program for a whole year and then one day you wake up determined than ever before and join the gym. Have you ever thought about what can trigger you to the extent of taking that first step towards your big goal? What makes you start not only to make big plans but also to take action?

The thing that makes you excited about taking that first step and moving towards a positive path is important. Although we should be self-driven when it comes to working towards our goals, it is better when you have someone you can count on to stir your desires, boost you, and support you.

You can easily spot people who are self-driven as they work tirelessly to accomplish their goals. Such people have a positive outlook towards life, they are persistent and consistent. They have willpower, confidence and do not allow pessimistic thoughts to stop them. We all have something that motivates us, but what boosts our motivation differs from one person to the other. We also get motivation at different stages in our life.

So, think about it, what stimulates us enough to face any existing difficulties and chase available job opportunities or engage in something that is totally outside our comfort zone?

All we have is now

Different things stir a desire in us to do better than we are currently doing. These are our influences and include wealth, goals, freedom, prestige, and the need to become better. Others include the need to be acknowledged, respected, make an impact, and want to be ahead of others.

It is good to note that some motivations are not so decent. For instance, it is not good to have vengeance as the basis of your motivation, even if it can work just in the same or better way than any other good motivator.

If you want to get motivated, one of the initial steps will be to find out what triggers your motivation. Let’s take a look at what encourages you to act based on your Zodiac sign.


Aries motivation to work on something depends on whether it is possible to make a task competitive. For instance, you can pretend you have to compete in a reality show with other people if you want to lose weight.

If you have no one to compete within a real situation, you can create unreal situations that will bring the aspect of competition and motivate you to perform better.


Taurus appreciates the best things in life. Therefore, knowing that you will have a prize every time you achieve something can motivate you to do something you’ve been avoiding.

For instance, if you’ve been struggling to keep your room tidy and neat and you finally manage to do it, you can buy yourself a perfume.


If you are a Gemini, you are more likely to be motivated by the need to prove a point to others. Geminis character makes them appear like they love to procrastinate, but it’s that they tend to leave projects halfway. Once they start a project, it is not a guarantee they will finish it before they shift their attention to a new project. They leave the first project unfinished to focus on new ones.

However, they get to a point where they start getting bothered by the piling up of unfinished projects. This triggers their motivation as they do not want to be seen as incapable of completing things. Gemini will then work hard to prove that they are not incompetent in delivering a complete project.

What you do matters


Things such as watching your favorite show or hanging out with friends could make Cancer happy. However, the key source of motivation for Cancer is showing concern to other people.

For Cancer, it is important to think about the needs of other people even as they try to have fun and do what they love. Cancer is motivated to do something extra to make sure that those who are close to them are happy.


Leos loves to be respected and this explains why they work hard to leave a mark on others. The need to impress is their motivation booster.

It makes them go an extra mile to do something as long as they are sure in the end they will gain people’s respect for being able to accomplish something and be seen as a capable future leader.


The need to be trustworthy individuals makes Virgos try their best to be a reliable, focused and accountable person. 

They take the right steps just to ensure that other people do not see them as lazy or reckless.


If you don’t want to fight with others it is advisable to deliver your pledges. Libras are perfect in keeping their promises.

Their motivation comes from the need to keep their promise, which allows them not to let people down.

Work for it


Scorpios love to be in control at all times. This explains why their key motivation involves gaining the control that allows them to be in charge. They also get motivated by achieving the set targets.


Sagittarius is sometimes judged as shallow and inconsistent individuals, but they have a strong desire for achievement. When they start a project they will ensure that they have delivered it by all means.


Capricorn believes that fun should come after they are done with work. They are bothered if they are not able to meet the desired expectations in a project.

Capricorns are extremely reliable and that is the basis of their motivation in most of the things they undertake.


Aquarius loves coming up with solutions. This means that their motivation comes from having the view that everything is a problem or complication that needs a solution.


Pisces are self-sacrificing individuals and this helps them to stay motivated. Pisces hates disappointing people and their key motivation is to help others. What’s more, their motivation is high when they offer their help as soon as it is needed.

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