There is nothing better than having flexible friends or an easy-going partner who can adapt to changing circumstances without getting too upset, finding the silver lining in everything.

These people rarely impose their will on others, deal with their problems more effectively, be creative, and keep their inner child alive.

Also, these individuals see obstacles as new opportunities to learn and overcome their limitations.

However, they sometimes struggle to say no and agree to participate in situations they would instead not have been in or doing things just to please others.

Read on to find out which are the most adaptable signs of the zodiac and which ones have a hard time accepting change.

#1. Gemini

Geminis are not only highly adaptable and able to withstand all kinds of changes. This sign prefers to make each of their days different from the others! When their routine becomes too drab, they do their best to switch it up a bit.

Geminis are a mutable air sign. They get along with all types of people, no matter their tastes and personalities. They also have multiple interests and are very curious and knowledgeable.

However, such a penchant for change has its disadvantages. They quickly get bored and drop in half all the courses or projects they have started. They also struggle to figure out their hobbies or what kind of people they like to spend their time with.

#2. Pisces

Pisces is a mutable water sign that can adapt to anything that comes its way. Like the liquid that takes the shape of the vessel it is contained in, Pisces molds itself to the circumstances and the people they encounter.

This is a great asset because they don’t usually fight with others and enjoy life as it unfolds. However, they tend to keep their true feelings to themselves and avoid going against what others say, even if they disagree.

Pisces is very understanding and loving, but sometimes other people take advantage of their good heart to do whatever they want without even asking them if they agree with their plans.

#3. Sagittarius

Sagittarians love adventures, exploring new paths, and traveling to unknown lands. They need to develop a flexible and adaptable attitude to face their exciting day full of new challenges.

These individuals do not like to stay in five-star hotels and follow the tourist route others follow. They go on the road without any fixed plan, for the more spontaneous everything is, the better.

That’s why Sagittarians are so open-minded, wise, and can find practical solutions to their problems. Moreover, the characteristic optimism of this sign keeps their spirits up when they encounter obstacles in their way.

#4. Aries

Aries is not a sign that turns down a challenge. These fiery individuals like things their way and try to get others to follow their lead. However, they won’t give up on their goals because there’s a hitch in the road.

These individuals refuse to accept defeat, as they are competitive and very proud of their accomplishments. They will go to great lengths to convince others that they can overcome anything, so they embrace changes as exciting new challenges.

Their flexibility is sustained by their competitive nature, their desire to surpass their abilities, and their need to succeed in any circumstance.

#5. Aquarius

Even though Aquarius is a fixed sign, the only sure thing about this character is its passion for change. Its ruling planet is Uranus, the symbol of surprises, unforeseen situations, and circumstances compel others to modify their plans.

So yes, these individuals are flexible and adaptable to change, but to a specific limit. Aquarius does not appreciate it when others ask them to commit, as they must feel free and keep their agenda entirely available for themselves.

Therefore, they are not adaptable when the situation requires them to follow a strict work schedule, commit to a stable relationship, or comfort others when going through an emotionally challenging situation.

#6. Capricorn

Many people may be surprised to see Capricorn in this ranking position. But the truth is, these individuals are much more flexible than people think.

Yes, Capricorn is quite strict and committed to their plans, and nothing can get them off the path they have chosen. However, these individuals are also very ambitious, and they won’t give in to the inevitable changes that come their way.

Capricorn has the grit and toughness to adapt to even the most difficult circumstances. They can withstand cold, heat, wind, and rain without flinching.

Although these folks can be pretty earnest and slow to open up to others, they have the talent to pick themselves up every time they fall and rise to the top of everything, they set their minds to.

#7. Libra

Libra is famous for being an understanding person who seeks balance in all interactions. They can adapt to others since they try to avoid conflict, even though, deep down, they would rather have things their way.

These individuals are very diplomatic and choose to agree with others instead of going against them. However, they are often misleading and say what they assume others want to hear.

Their adaptability is based on their fear of not being liked by everyone they meet and their inability to show themselves as they are without worrying who might judge them.

#8. Leo

Leo is a fixed sign that expects things to be their way. When this is not the case, they become very moody and will fight anyone until they achieve their purposes.

These individuals are stubborn, proud, and have a natural leadership talent. So, it is hard for them to adapt to change or accommodate the wishes of others unless there is some benefit for them to gain.

However, there are times when they can be more flexible, especially when they encounter obstacles while pursuing their dreams. These signs are stubborn until their goals are put into play. Once that happens, they put their ego aside and adapt to whatever happens.

#9. Scorpio

Scorpio is not a very flexible person at all. These individuals are very controlling and possessive and can get very anxious when things don’t go as planned.

Scorpios have a tidal wave of intense feelings swirling inside them, and they practice all their lives to keep their passions from showing through.

So, when circumstances change drastically, they lose their stability and are likely to become upset or react unpredictably. Thus, they are not very adaptable and do not usually leave room for improvisation in their lives.

#10. Taurus

Taurus is a fixed and highly stable earth sign. They can stay in the same place, doing the same job, and seeing the same people all their lives without getting bored.

When changing circumstances ask them to adjust, they take their time to do so. It is impossible to ask them to be spontaneous or react quickly to threats, as this will only cause Taurus to freeze and not know how to proceed.

These individuals do not usually take the initiative and prefer others to come to them, accommodate their habits, and adapt to their lifestyle.

#11. Cancer

The thing about Cancer is that they are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Being flexible would imply being outgoing, spontaneous, and open to new experiences. However, Cancer is withdrawn, seeks the comfort of the known, and doesn’t like taking risks.

Hence, Cancer prefers to keep things the same as always, although this can sometimes cause them to miss out on great opportunities.

If they could let go of their fear of exposing themselves to the world and overcome their limitations, they could unlock a whole new world of possibilities.

#12. Virgo

Virgo is undoubtedly the most inflexible sign of the zodiac. These individuals must have their day planned well in advance; otherwise, they cannot function properly.

Virgos like routine situations that repeat until they reach perfection. This sign is not spontaneous and does not usually accept social invitations unless it is something essential and they are notified well ahead of time.

Adapting to change is asking for the most extraordinary sacrifices from these rational, detail-oriented, and organized signs.

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