Leo women are known for their charm, their animal magnetism, their ability to stand-out no matter what, and their goal-oriented personalities.

They’re also known for being stubborn to the point of stupidity, for thinking very highly of themselves and for needing heaps and heaps of personal space, followed by lots of time for themselves.

They’re enigmatic, they’re self-assured, they’re a force to be reckoned and, above else, they’re incredibly easy to fall in love with.

After all, who can resist a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid of doing what she needs to do to get it?

If you’re in love with a Leo woman, you’re in for a treat, but to survive the experience, you need to know the following brutal truths.

#1. They’re stupidly stubborn.

While they might call it determined, the truth is that Leo women are simply stubborn.

What’s the difference, you ask? It’s actually quite simple.

A determined woman will do anything she needs to do to achieve her goals, while a stubborn woman will try her best to prove you wrong, even if you’re in the right, and she ends up looking like a fool.

Leo women are both.

They’re determined when it comes to their professional life, their family life, and their goals. They’re hard workers, they’re patient, they’re go-getters, and they’re capable of achieving truly amazing things, but they’re also stubborn.

Leo women can choose absurdly petty hills to die on out of sheer stubbornness. They’re capable of undoing hours of hard work because it didn’t go as they wanted it to, and they’re capable of acting against their own best interests just to prove a point.

Do you know that phrase that goes “Cut the nose to spite the face”? That’s Leo women at their worse.

The best way to deal with this?

Just let them be.

We don’t mean roll over and accept you’re wrong even if you’re right. That’s not going to help anyone; no, we mean ‘recognize that she’ll be on the defensive and act accordingly.’

When arguing with her, avoid calling her names or making argument about her. Simply state your point as impersonally and calmly as possible.

Once they calm down, they’ll listen, but the more you push them, the more they’ll push back.

leo woman

#2. They’re ego-maniacs

There’s no nice way of putting it. Leo women think way too highly of themselves.

To be fair, there’s plenty to admire about them. Leos are naturally charming, have impeccable taste, and are incredibly committed to their goals, which means they’re often successful at what they want to achieve.

However, they’re prone to obsessing over their good traits and overlooking the bad, resulting in the kind of woman who thinks she can do no wrong.

Leos can, and do, react poorly to criticism, which they often interpret as personal attacks rather than the advice it sometimes is.

Their desire to be admired and praised can also lead them to be unnecessarily competitive and showy, always on the look-out for opportunities to show off their skills and their smarts.

Leo women’s ego can also lead them to believe their own hype, resulting in an individual that isn’t aware of their failures or misjudges their skills and abilities. Not a crime by any stretch of the imagination, but a trait that will rear its head over and over again in a relationship with a Leo.

Suffice it to say, if a Leo claims to be an expert at anything, take it with a grain of salt. The reality, and their perception, aren’t always the same.

#3. They love to annoy.

We mean this in the most loving way possible.

Leos love to mess with people, teasing, pranking, and joking around as a way to show they care. Though not their most well-known trait, Leos are huge jokers, and they’re often looking for ways to make other people laugh.

It’s not hard to believe, really. Leos love to be liked and desire being the center of attention, and what better way to charm people than by making them laugh?

The thing about Leo women, though, is that their humor often derives from making fun of others. We don’t mean that they like to mock others or bully people to get their kicks.

No, Leo prefers joking around their friends and families, but they often choose to do it by teasing them or making small, personal jabs in the name of good fun.

If you have a thick skin and enjoy sarcastic, even black humor, chances are you’ll get along with them wonderfully. If you don’t, then you’ll want to talk about that with your Leo lover. Otherwise, she’ll probably make fun of you in a way you won’t like.

#4. They have no time for nonsense.

Some women are perfectly fine with tenderly helping others when they’re having trouble; some women are more than okay with people who put their feelings first; some women believe that participation alone is enough of a reason to feel proud and happy.

Leo women believe precisely none of that.

Leo women are strong, sharp, stubborn, self-assured, and both willing and capable of eating the world whole. They have no time or patience for people who second-guess themselves, for those who aren’t willing to go after what they want or for those who give up easily.

What’s more, Leo women aren’t care-takers.

Oh, they’ll try to help you, and they’ll always be pushing you to excel yourself and your own expectations, but sooner rather than later, they’ll pull away and expect you to do things yourself, regardless if you’re ready or not.

Because of this, Leo women can’t tolerate clingy, insecure partners. They don’t want to be with someone who needs to be continuously reassured, nor they want to share their life with someone who will expect them to take every big choice in the relationship.

Leo women want to date an equal, and if you want to be their equal, you have pretty big shoes to fill.

#5. They’re super affectionate.

Leo women may be independent and may need their space. They may pursue their goals relentlessly and may sometimes appear distant and aloof.

However, Leo women care profoundly and love intensely, and that applies to family, friends, and lovers alike.

They’re protective, playful, loyal, fun, and, more than anything else, motivating. They’ll continuously try to improve the lives of their loved ones, either by pushing them to improve themselves or by taking things into their own hands.

Though they may appear self-centered, Leos are always aware of the people they love and those who have helped them. They give back, happily and generously, whenever they can, and though they may not check on their loved ones daily, they sure as hell think about them.

It may not be evident at first, but one of the biggest motivators for Leo’s thirst for success is to provide for their family and their loved ones. Success for success’s sake is rarely something that appeals to Leos; No, they want to be the best, so that they can ensure the people they care about are happy and well cared for.

Acts of services may not be every Leo woman’s love language, but they tend to be up there amongst the most popular.

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