Gemini women are some of the most mysterious women in the Zodiac, in no small part due to their conflicting personalities.

People like to joke that Gemini women have multiple personalities, and while this isn’t the case, they do tend to contradict themselves on every step.

They’re hard workers that pursue achievements, but they hate strict planning. They’re social butterflies who can’t get enough of people, but they can doubt themselves a lot.They’re talkative and seemingly an open book, but they’re actually excellent at hiding their emotions.

You get the idea.

Gemini women never act like you’d expect them, and though this can keep you on your toes and make your relationship with them more exciting, it can also be exhausting.

The good news is that relationships with Gemini women are relatively easy. They’re not particularly high maintenance or demanding, and are relatively easy to please.

The bad news is that you need to either be like them or learn how to adapt to them, because Gemini women are free souls that cannot be controlled.

If you think you’re ready to love a Gemini woman, good luck! If you think you could use a little preparation, here are 5 brutal truths about loving them.

#1. They insist on hiding their emotions.

Gemini women are outgoing and friendly, which makes people assume that they’re open and easy to read; This is a mistake, as Gemini women tend to hide their genuine emotions behind a happy-go-lucky smile.

Geminis are well known for their duality, and Gemini women are no different. They tend to have two different personalities; One, which they freely show to the world, and the other one, which they keep to themselves.

Though they’re often called “two-faced” because of this, the truth is more complicated. The great majority of Gemini women aren’t out there trying to fool people, but rather compartmentalizing in order to enjoy their lives as much as possible.

Loving a Gemini woman involves being aware of this particular, somewhat self-destructive trait and being patient enough to learn to differentiate Gemini’s “game face” from their “real face.” It can be a difficult task, but the more you understand a Gemini woman, the easier it’ll be to love her.

gemini woman

#2. They hate all kinds of plans.

Though they may not want to spin it as being spontaneous, the truth is that Gemini women seem to despise plans with every fiber of their being.

They crave excitement and novelty, so they’re very likely to discard the old to go with the new, even if doing so involves improvising and doing things they’ve never done before.

This can make for truly fantastic adventures and the kind of experiences you remember fondly in years to come. However, it can also complicate things tremendously and even ruin carefully planned situations that would’ve been amazing otherwise.

If you’re a spontaneous person, then you’re a wonderful match for a Gemini woman. A lot of things won’t get done, but you two will have a lot of fun regardless.

If you’re not a spontaneous person, then there’s still hope. It’s all about giving Gemini new experiences.

Try new restaurants, try new date ideas, and plan for a “spontaneous” date she doesn’t know about. If she’s not bored out of her mind, she’s less likely to surprise you when you’re not ready for it.

#3. They never shut up.

There are quiet people, there are talkative people, and then there are Gemini women.

They’re chatterboxes who love asking questions, talking about themselves, debating, arguing, chatting about others, discussing their interests, lecturing people, etc.

They always have something to say and, thanks to their creativity and inventive personalities, it’s usually something witty and funny, which means you won’t actually mind that she talks so much.

Their apparent ability to breathe and talk at the same time notwithstanding, they’re excellent at thinking before speaking, and they usually know precisely what to say to get the effect they want.

It’s worth repeating that just because Gemini women talk a lot, it doesn’t mean they’re always open about their emotions and their opinions. Gemini women are experts at hiding their negative feelings and their insecurities, making you think everything is alright even if it’s not.

These smart ladies are some of the best at choosing their words to get their way, and this shows in a variety of ways. It’s no secret, after all, that Gemini women are one of the biggest flirts in the Zodiac.

With that in mind…

#4. They’re huge flirts.

Gemini women love to flirt. Period.

They do it when they’re single, and they do it when they’re dating, often without expecting anything in return. It’s fun to them, as they get to use their words, their creativity, and their natural charm in a way that also scratches their ego.

Flirting, on its own, isn’t really a problem, but it’s something you need to be aware of if you plan on doing anything with a Gemini woman other than loving her from a distance.

It’s worth noting that flirting isn’t the same as cheating. It may not be as obvious if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t flirt, but some people just flirt for fun, without any real desire to doanything more than that, and Gemini women happen to love doing the same.

Because of this, loving a Gemini requires a fair share of self-love and confidence. If the thought of the person who enjoy flirting with a perfect stranger fills you with dread, then there’s a good chance you won’t be able to date a Gemini woman.

If, on the other hand, you don’t mind a bit of harmless flirting or you’re a colossal flirt yourself, then chances are you’ll have a lot of fun with this extroverted sign.

#5. They’re incredibly social.

Gemini women love socializing, meeting new people, attending parties, and having a good time.

They’re social butterflies, always looking for the opportunity to meet others, make new friends, and have conversations with all kinds of interesting people.

Though some Gemini women prefer to spend time on their own, most love hanging out with others, usually in bars, parties, or clubs. These environments let Gemini women cut loose and do some of their favorite things at once: Have fun with their friends, meet new people and flirt to their heart’s content.

If you’re as much as a social butterfly as Gemini, you won’t have any problem. You two will become a power couple, attending all social events and charming everyone in sight.

If you’d rather stay away from all that, chances are you’ll have some trouble keeping up with Gemini women, but it’s nothing you can’t manage if you’re mature enough to lead a life that doesn’t involve being with your partner 24/7.

The trick when it comes to loving Gemini women is to either match them step by step or being comfortable with giving them space. You either have fun with them or let them have fun on their own, confident in the knowledge that they’ll come back to you.

Gemini women are loyal and loving, but they cannot be controlled. They need time to socialize and simply be themselves, and in order to date them, you need to be comfortable with this.

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