If you’ve ever read an astrology article, you’ve probably heard that Cancer women are overly emotional and too sensitive.

Likewise, you’ve probably read about their loyalty and their trustworthiness and how they make excellent family women.

It’s all true, of course. Cancer women can be emotional, and they’re also some of the most trustworthy signs in the Zodiac, but there’s so much more to them than you can imagine.

If you’re in love with a Cancer woman and you want her in your life, you need to learn how to understand this complicated sign. To that end, here are five brutal truths that might help you reach your goals a little easier.

#1. They can’t stop overanalyzing.

This is one of the most notorious Cancer traits, and Cancer women exhibit it in spades.

They’re observant, intelligent, and curious, often unwilling to take people or situations at face value, which means they’ll spend a good portion of their waking hours overanalyzing any conversation they have and just about anything that happens to them.

It can be a fascinating thing to witness, usually when the overanalyzing isn’t focused on you, but it can also be a little nerve-wracking.

After all, when interacting with Cancer women, you’ll have to stop and think what they assume about you based on the way you present yourself, which is a concern that might not pop up with other signs.

Their constant overanalyzing can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the situation. It can help you see things from a different viewpoint and reach new solutions to old problems, but it can also be a negative thing if this trait is out of control.

Suffice it to say, if you’re with a Cancer woman, bear in mind that she’ll always be overanalyzing and second-guessing your actions and your comments, even if they’re not aware they’re doing it in the first place.

Cancer woman

#2. Family is everything to them.

To say Cancers are dedicated to their family is an understatement. While there are exceptions, Cancer women are almost always dedicate heart and soul to those they consider their family.

It might come off as strange to other, more individualistic Zodiac signs, but there’s little a Cancer woman wouldn’t do for her family, and there’s even less she’d be willing to do if it meant risking their love and support.

While it’s not the case for all Cancer women, most will prefer to live close to their families, even when they’re ready to start families of their own: they love the idea of belonging to a larger community and the sense of unity that comes from this.

Because of this, large family dinners may be frequent, as group vacations and over-the-top Holiday celebrations where the entire family comes together.

This is, by no means, a negative characteristic, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind when you have your sights on a Cancer woman.

If their family doesn’t like you, there’s a good chance she won’t either, so make sure you’re up for the task of being a member of a second family, because you’ll have to if you want something long-term with your Cancer partner.

#3. They’re moody as hell.

You may think that someone cerebral enough to overanalyze everything that happens around them isn’t someone prone to moodiness, but you’d be wrong.

The fact of the matter is that Cancer women are versatile enough to do both without making either look like a contradiction.

To be fair to Cancer women, it’s not that they’re utterly unpredictable with their emotions but instead that things affect them strongly, and they react in kind.

A sad or distressing situation in their day may be a lot more impactful to them than to other signs, which gives them the appearance of being moody even though their reactions make perfect sense to them.

It can be strange, or completely mystifying, but Cancer women are sensitive souls, and if you’re in love with one, you must be ready to embrace this side of them.

They will react to situations quite strongly, and they might change their opinion based entirely on how they feel at any given point. What’s more, their tendency to overthink and overanalyze can feed off this characteristic, resulting in Cancer women reaching all kinds of wrong conclusions based on an emotional hunch.

#4. They find it incredibly hard to let people and things go.

Cancer women treasure people, memories, objects, places, and many, many other things. Some permanent, some temporary, but all equally valid in their eyes.

They’re the kind of women who will keep a little box full of mementos from their previous relationships, even if they no longer feel anything for their exes. Sometimes to remind herself of the good times, sometimes to remind herself of the bad.

Cancer women have a tremendous memory and equally impressive observation skills, which means that it’s effortless for them to remember things that happened to them, even if they’d rather not think about them at all.

Because of this, Cancer women have gained a somewhat unfair reputation for dragging up the past whenever they’re in an argument.

They do it. They absolutely bring up past problems to current situations, but there’s usually no point behind it. It’s just that, when they’re facing an awkward situation, they can’t help but to remember similar situations in the past.

Cancer women find it incredibly hard to let things go, so it’s better to try to solve things with her immediately rather than expect for time to heal her wounds. It won’t, and if you don’t address problems in your relationship as they arise, they’ll come up again when you least expect it.

#5. They’ll try to give you the moon and the stars.

Yes, Cancer women are fundamentally complicated people, with strong emotions and a somewhat contradictory personality.

They can be overly moody, unbelievably stubborn, prone to overanalyzing things, and more, but if a Cancer woman loves you, she’ll go above and beyond to make sure you stay with her.

She’ll do almost anything to make sure you’re happy because seeing you happy will make her happy. Remember, Cancer women adore their families, and when they love you, they start thinking of you as a family member as well.

Their problems with letting go will mean that they won’t give up on you easily, even when things get hard, which is a fantastic characteristic for a partner to have.

Their overanalyzing can transform into them planning the coolest surprises, or trying to come up with inventive and original ways of getting you out of a bad mood.

A Cancer woman in love will try her best to make sure her partner feels valued and loved and will make sure you always know how she feels about you.

It can come off as overwhelming and a little overbearing if you’re not used to it but rest assured it’s neither performative or a lie. If a Cancer woman loves you, everything they do will be done with the best intentions in mind.

Of course, even Cancer women have limits, and they won’t let anyone walk all over them just because they’re in love, but as long as you show them as much dedication, patience, and respect, you can be sure that your relationship will be secure.

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