A powerful fire sign known for their domineering personality, their desire to stand out, their craving for attention, and their relentless drive, Leo is definitely not one to trifle with.

But, what is it like to date a Leo?

Their desire for luxury and comfort can lead to some pretty interesting situations, that’s for sure, but how about doing it for the long term?

Who, out there, can date this fiery sign indefinitely and, more importantly, who can commit to them for a serious, long-term relationship?

To date a Leo, one needs to be bold, confident, and independent. Those looking to be guided and held step by step shall refrain.

Leos don’t look for people to take care of. Leos look for equals, and that’s what makes the following zodiac signs ideal partners for them:

Aries and Leo

aries zodiac sign

These two fire signs can make quite a hot pair!

Aries and Leo are very similar in ways that complement each other: They’re purpose-driven, natural-born individuals who aren’t afraid of going after what they want.

They’re both self-assured, passionate about the things they care about, adventurous, and fiercely loyal to the ones they love.

An Aries and Leo relationship has the potential of being one of the most passionate yet emotionally stable ones in the entire zodiac; a true power couple perfectly capable of swallowing the world whole.

It won’t be a flawless relationship: Both signs are jealous and possessive, and their arguments will be explosive affairs, but these two are as emotionally resilient as they come, and can usually bounce back from any argument stronger than ever.

Gemini and Leo

gemini zodiac sign

A match that can be amazing or can be terrible, a Gemini and Leo relationship is a bit off a double-edged sword.

Both signs love to have fun, explore new experiences, and enjoy the good life, no matter the price.

Both signs are also fiercely independent and enjoy doing things together and on their own, meaning they’ll rarely feel controlled or stifled, an essential characteristic for these two.

The real issue here, and what can endanger this relationship, is that both signs are so individualistic at times that they might accidentally end up ignoring their partner’s needs.

A lack of communication can also be a problem for those two, even if Gemini is technically known for being good at it.

If this couple reaches a balance between giving each other space and checking in on each other, however, they’ll be able to face just about anything together.

Leo and Sagittarius

sagittarius zodiac sign

Independent, adventurous, self-assured, and passionate. Despite their differences, Leo and Sagittarius have plenty in common.

The thing to understand about this pairing is that personality-wise, they’re very similar, but when it comes to tastes, they tend to go in opposite directions.

This means that, though they’ll naturally get along as individuals, they’ll have to work to ensure they’re both getting what they want from the relationship without swamping or stifling their partner.

However, if this is achieved, these two will get along phenomenally.

Simply put, while they enjoy treating themselves here and there, Sagittarius will have problems understanding what’s so fantastic about fancy dinners and even fancier clothes.

Leo, on the other hand, won’t really understand what’s so amazing about spending a week camping in the woods.

The best way to tackle problems like that is to reach a happy medium. Choosing some activities, they can each do on their own, taking turns to choose the activities they want to do together, or finding a middle ground.

To use the example we’ve already mentioned, a weekend glamping, might just be what this couple is looking for.

Regardless of each individual’s personal tastes and its possible solutions, if a balance between what each sign wants is reached, these two will be unstoppable.

Leo and Leo

leo zodiac sign

Let’s be honest. No one will get Leo as much as a Leo.

Who else out there will be able to give their partner the required space while still making them feel like they’re the most important person in the world?

Who else will be willing to splurge in a delicious dinner, even if both should be saving money instead?

Who else will be able to understand and support their partner’s drive and desire to succeed in everything they do?

A Leo and Leo pairing is a wonderful thing not because it’ll be an easy relationship, but rather because they both get it.

There will be issues, there will be arguments, there will be fights, but at the end of the day, both Leos will be able to understand each other’s reasoning and reach a truce.

Because Leos are naturally domineering, these two will clash here and there, both as long as their relationship is balanced and they both respect each other, there will be very little that can stand in their way.

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