Sensitive, creative, gentle, and nurturing, Pisces are one of the most easy-going signs of the Zodiac, as well as one of the most loyal.

Enthusiastic and loving, it’s easy to assume they’re just as they appear, but Pisces can be far more profound than people give them credit for.

Don’t believe us? Check out the following facts.

#1. They look harmless, but they have a wild side.

And they’re not afraid to show it!

Pisces may look sweet and even downright shy, but they’re up for anything and can be adrenaline junkies.

#2. They want to make their loved ones happy.

Pisces are happy when their loved ones are happy, as simple as that.

They’re even capable of sacrificing their comfort and desires in favor of ensuring those they love don’t suffer.

#3. They’re big dreamers.

Pisces are always dreaming.

They dream about the lives they wish they have, about the world they want to live in, about the partners they wish they had, etc.

Sometimes, it seems like they live more in their head than in the real world.

pisces zodiac sign

#4. They’re not as soft as they appear.

Though their kindness and gentle temperament may make them seem soft, or even downright weak, Pisces individuals have a steel core that lets them face even the most difficult situations.

Don’t mistake their kindness for weakness, or else, you run the risk of getting a very nasty surprise.

#5. Pisces are loyal to a fault.

Pisces is one of the most loyal zodiac signs out there, capable of doing crazy things for others, and willing to sacrifice anything for the ones they love.

As long as they feel like you have their back, they’ll have yours.

#6. A betrayed Pisces will never forgive.

Though they can be incredibly loyal, once you betray a Pisces trust, there’s no going back. You’ve lost their confidence, and their loyalty, forever.

Pisces aren’t good at letting go, and you better believe they can hold on to grudges for decades.

#7. They can make friends in seconds.

Their outgoing and relaxed personalities make Pisces into people magnets, capable of making friends even in the strangest of places.

Many of those friendships won’t last for more than a day, others might last for a lifetime, but they all were struck in a single day, often with Pisces taking the lead and approaching first.

#8. No one understands Pisces.

No, not even themselves.

They’re fickle, idealists, excitable, and a little naïve. They also tend to overthink everything and flip flop between relying on people’s opinions and doing everything by themselves.

It’s best to simply accept them as they are and not try to understand them.

#9. They don’t expect much from people.

Pisces tend to accept people just like they are, and they don’t have lofty expectations of others, which makes it easier for them to get along with just about anyone.

However, you need to keep it real with Pisces and not pretend to be someone else. Pisces can tolerate a lot of things, but they won’t stand for deceit.

#10. Words matter.

While some zodiac signs can bounce back from insults and harsh jokes, Pisces tend to take them to heart.

Words matter a lot to them, and though they do have a sense of humor, it’s best to avoid being too harsh with what you say to Pisces.

#11. They can inspire anyone except themselves.

Pisces are great at hyping others and advising them to use their talents and chase after their dreams; however, they struggle to apply that same logic to themselves.

Part of it is that they second-guess themselves repeatedly; part of it is that they have high standards for their own behavior.

Regardless of the reason, Pisces can be great cheerleaders, just don’t expect them to use that energy on themselves.

#12. They’re very compassionate.

One of their best traits, by far, Pisces can be very compassionated and helpful, thanks to their tremendous capacity or empathy and their idealism.

Pisces are always trying to help others and will go out of their way to achieve this.

#13. They’re great at reading people.

Though they still believe in giving everyone a chance, Pisces are fantastic at reading people and can often identify lies and deceit without even trying to.

Sometimes, they even manage to do it without being aware of it.

They’re great observers and can predict all kinds of behaviors, which gives them an edge when manipulating others.

Luckily, Pisces don’t like manipulation.

#14. They love the arts.

Whether they’re artists themselves or not is irrelevant, the truth of the matter is that Pisces often love the arts and enjoy spending their time admiring other people’s creativity.

Music, theater, painting, sculpture, you name it, chances are Pisces has not only an opinion on each one but also a favorite artist.

Even Pisces with no artistic talent of their own tend to have good taste, which they reflect by decorating their homes with art pieces and sculptures and following the latest interior design trends.

#15. They have an excellent sense of humor.

Pisces can always laugh at themselves and find something humorous about almost any situation they find themselves in.

They like using humor to defuse tensions, like entertaining others, and are happiest when they’re making other people laugh and have fun.

Just remember that Pisces tend to take insults to heart, so if you want to joke around with them, it helps not to call them names.

#16. They’re very observant.

Pisces are capable of noticing things other people miss, no matter how small or insignificant.

They’re very observant and capable of noticing tiny details, which probably helps them with their remarkable intuition.

However, they tend to keep their observation to themselves rather than share them freely, so it’s easy to miss just how observant they can be.

#17. They love love.

Pisces loves love, loves loving others, and loves being loved. Love means everything to them.

They often struggle when they’re not in a relationship, and are always looking for ways to show their appreciation to those they love.

It’s essential for Pisces to feel loved back, and if they don’t, that can cause a lot of strain in their relationships, romantic, familial, or platonic.

#18. They’re adaptable.

A trait shared by most water signs, Pisces can adapt to new and difficult situations with little to no fuss.

Sure, they might resent the changes at first and might try to avoid them, but when push comes to shove, they’ll be one of the first to adapt to their new situation.

This trait enables them to make friends easily, as they’re capable of accepting other people’s personalities and quirks without a hitch.

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