Strong-willed, determined, charming, and ruthless. Like the lion that embodies them, Leos love to lead and garner attention, and they’re awfully good at that.

Their determination and love for the limelight are well-documented traits, but it’s worth taking our time to learn more about this ferocious sign.

#1. Leos Go Big or Go Home

Leos don’t half-ass anything if they can help it, particularly when it comes to things they care about.

When Leo wants to do something, they’ll do it all the way. They commit to it wholeheartedly, and they make herculean efforts to ensure everything turns out just like they want it.

#2. They’re natural-born protectors

Were you expecting ‘leaders’ instead?

While it’s true Leos make fantastic leaders, their drive to lead comes in no small part from their desire to protect.

Leos know themselves strong and resilient, so they won’t hesitate to put themselves between their loved ones and danger.

#3. They keep it real.

Maybe it’s their self-assuredness, perhaps it’s their lack of tolerance for fools, but Leos are as direct as they come, not mincing words if they can help it.

Leos express themselves as straightforwardly as possible, a trait that can make them come off as intimidating, but many appreciate thanks to their honesty.

leo zodiac sign

#4. They love the sound of their own voice.

Leos love talking, that’s just a fact of life.

Though they might not come off as chatterboxes, they’re perfectly capable of talking about themselves for long periods.

If we’re honest, Leos love having conversations, but if the person they’re talking to doesn’t have anything interesting to contribute, then it’s not Leo’s fault if they’d rather talk about themselves to fill in the silence, right?

#5. They care about being seen, not being liked.

Leos thrive under other people’s attention, regardless of how positive or negative it is.

Leos love to lead, love setting an example, love having everyone’s eyes on them, but they don’t care one bit if they’re liked since they’re well-aware of their worth.

#6. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

Leos sure know how to make the most out of any situation, and they do so with the kind of enthusiasm that inspires others.

It’s one of the reasons they make such good leaders. They aren’t just domineering, but they inspire people to follow them with their optimism and charm.

#7. They’re misunderstood.

Leos aren’t actually obsessed with themselves; they’re just well-aware of their worth.

They know their skills, talents, achievements, and everything they bring to the table, so they want to make sure others know about those things.

#8. They worry a lot.

Though they’re not open about it, Leos worry a lot about those they love, their jobs, their goals, and more.

Not only that, but they do it all the time.

Leos are huge worrywarts, but they’re very good at hiding it from others.

#9. They’re horrible at pretending to like others.

Seriously, they’re the worst.

Leos are honest and direct, so pretending to like someone they hate is something they just can’t do.

At most, they’ll act like they tolerate the person in question, and that’s already a stretch.

#10. They’re wonderful at reading people.

To Leos, other people are like open books, and while they may not be open about it, they’re constantly analyzing other people’s actions to determine if they can trust them.

Even when Leo has decided to trust you, chances are they’ll be keeping track of your every move, though this time they’ll do it too ensure you’re happy and well.

#11. They don’t follow fashion; they make fashion.

Leos are fashionable by nature, but they don’t tend to follow fashion trends.

Instead, they create trends by pulling off their individual fashion-styles so well that others can’t help but want to imitate them.

In a way, Leo’s fashion-sense is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

#12. Leos are huge flirts.

It’s true! They are!

Though they’re the very definition of loyalty, and they wouldn’t even think of betraying their loved ones, they still enjoy the act of flirting, even if it’s with perfect strangers.

They usually don’t mean anything by it. Leos like it when people appreciate them, and flirting is just another form of appreciation.

#13. They’re fueled by spite.

Nothing motivates Leo as much as doing the impossible.

People doubting their skills or outright telling them they can’t achieve something is a sure way of getting Leo to do that, no matter how hard or challenging.

Leos know precisely what they’re capable of, and they won’t rest until the rest of the world knows it as well.

#14. Reverse psychology doesn’t work on them.

Either they’ll take you at face value or realize you’re playing mind games and will want nothing to do with you.

Remember, Leos are straightforward and honest, so they value when other people are too; If you want a Leo to do something, just tell them.

#15. They’re unbelievably sarcastic.

Leos are so sarcastic that they sometimes don’t even know if they’re being honest or joking.

This can make them come off as aggressive or insensitive, but more often than not, they’re just trying to diffuse a tense situation.

#16. They have energy to spare.

Unlike the lion, who prefers to conserve its energy by lazing around all day long, Leos are always on the move.

No one knows where they get their energy from nor how they manage to get so much done in a single day, but it sure is amazing!

#17. They need strong people in their life.

Those weak of heart need not apply.

Leos have a strong personality, and they need someone just as strong by their side.

Friends, family, romantic partners. It doesn’t matter; they all need to be strong to keep up with this powerful sign.

#18. They have no time for grudges.

Leos see absolutely no point in spending any time wishing people ill or holding on to negative emotions. Things in their lives are either productive or gone.

Keep in mind, though, that although they don’t hold grudges, they don’t forget easily.

#19. They love the good life.

Leos love pampering and treating themselves with good food, expensive clothes, gorgeous jewelry, and more.

They work hard to achieve what they want, and they’re always willing to go the extra mile to achieve their goals.

They deserve it the opportunity to relax, and they know it.

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