Everyone has a strong opinion on public proposals.

Love or hate, there is no in-between. It’s either “so romantic” or “if you try that, I’ll say no and leave you.”

So, before you go trying to propose to your partner, read on to find out how they might react.

1. Aries

Sure, Aries likes attention.

But not like that. If Aries isn’t sure if they want to marry their partner and they are pressured in public, prepare for a tongue lashing. In front of everyone.

Aries doesn’t appreciate feeling backed into a corner. Make sure they agree to a spectacle before surprising them with it. A personal proposal followed by a suggestion at making a public reenactment will go over better.

Or it may not. It’s up to the individual Aries and how they feel about your relationship.

Aries is impulsive, but they won’t jump just because you flashed a ring at the wrong time.

2. Taurus

Taurus hates being surprised.

Taurus likes to know everything that is happening, and a public proposal would throw them off. It would be a surefire way to make them angry and feel embarrassed.

Taurus will likely keep their cool in front of others. But behind closed doors, their partner will get an ear full.

It’s not a good idea to involve Taurus in any public stunt without their approval beforehand.

If not, this will likely result in Taurus saying no to the public proposal. If only because their partner doesn’t know them well enough to marry them if this is how they proposed.

3. Gemini

Gemini would love a public proposal.

Gather the friends, family, and random passersby. Gemini would be excited to receive a proposal in front of everyone.

In fact, Gemini masterminded the entire proposal. They likely told their partner when the perfect time was to pop the question. Gemini is a great actor and no one would ever know it wasn’t their partners’ idea.

Gemini wants a big wedding, romantic proposal, and a sweeping honeymoon in a far-off place. They leave nothing to chance.

4. Cancer

Cancer loves public proposals.

Grand gestures of love leave them warm and fuzzy. Cancer wants to be the center of their partners’ world, and a public proposal is a great way to do it.

Just make sure it has been talked about extensively before to know if it’s something the individual wants. Still make it a surprise, but make it match what Cancer has told their partner about.

If Cancer isn’t all-in on the relationship, this will cause them to retreat into themselves. Knowing where Cancer stands on the relationship and public proposals is essential before enacting it.

When Cancer is sure of their partner, they will be bursting with emotion upon seeing a ring.

5. Leo

Of course Leo wants a public proposal. It’s Leo!

They can’t imagine being proposed to any other way. There must be a grand gesture of love and commitment in front of an adoring crowd.

Leo low-key threatened their partner into a public proposal. In a very passive-aggressive fashion.

Leo knows how they want things. Especially special events like being proposed to and their wedding. To sum it up in one word:


6. Virgo

Virgo hates public proposals.

They find them cute in theory, cruel in practice.

Virgo is a low-key zodiac sign and doesn’t appreciate being forced into a spotlight they didn’t want.

Virgo likely has told their partner specifically not to ever, under any circumstance, do a public proposal.

Virgo would prefer a proposal that is more personal and thoughtful. Like a ring in their drink at a classy restaurant. Or a date night at home when they turn around to find their partner on one knee.

That would touch Virgo’s heart in a way a public proposal wouldn’t.

7. Libra

Libra loves public proposals.

It is the heart of all their romantic fantasies. Libra loves to daydream of being proposed to in the middle of a party with friends and family. The moment captured on video by their best friend when they say yes.

It’s all so perfect they could explode from happiness.

And of course, there has to be a photoshoot of the newly engaged couple right after. And a social media post to announce it to everyone who wasn’t there for the real thing.

Libra wants to remember their fairytale moment forever. So have the camera ready.

8. Scorpio

Scorpio may actually kill their partner if they do a public proposal.

Scorpio is a private person, they don’t want to advertise themselves. Which is what they feel public proposals are for.

Never spring a public proposal on Scorpio by surprise. They will not be happy. A public no and humiliating speech is what will happen.

Even if their partner talks Scorpio into agreeing to a public proposal, they will be stiff and awkward. Making onlookers wonder if they even wanted to say yes.

Even if Scorpio loves their partner enough to do a public proposal, they will want to melt in embarrassment. Flashy isn’t their style.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius loves public proposals.

The more surprising the better.

When a partner proposes to a Sagittarius, they had better think of a unique way to do it. Sagittarius wants something to remember that isn’t cookie-cutter.

Make the public proposal unique to Sagittarius. Something they love or a place they’ve always wanted to go. Add a unique method of delivering the ring, and Sagittarius will be swooning.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn hates public proposals.

They think it’s not personal enough and too flashy. Even watching other people get engaged in the public eye rubs them the wrong way.

PDA is not something Capricorn enjoys. Especially when it is as intimate as being proposed to. They feel it is their and their partners’ decision. Not to be displayed in a theatrical fashion.

Capricorn may prefer not even having a formal engagement. Deciding that they and their partner are now engaged is good enough for them. Rings are optional.

Capricorn will want to have a quiet wedding as well. A courthouse marriage works for them.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius loves a good public proposal.

Surrounded by friends and family, being proposed to sounds amazing. Aquarius is all about community. It wouldn’t feel right if they didn’t involve their loved ones in such a big moment of their life.

Aquarius will already be planning the wedding by the end of the night. It will be medium-sized in a unique location. Everyone present at their engagement will come, and a few others who couldn’t make it.

Aquarius doesn’t need over-the-top planning when being proposed to. If it is heartfelt and thought out, they will love their partner for it.

12. Pisces

Pisces love public proposals.

It is not only a fantasy Pisces wants to live out, it is also one of the little thrills they seek.

There are milestones Pisces wants to be special in their life. Being proposed to in a grand, romantic fashion is one of those events.

Pictures, flowers, friends, and family close by all gushing at the proposal. Pisces will be living out their dream.

If their partner can bring Pisces’ fantasy into reality, they will love them forever.

Listen well if Pisces is talking about their dreams of being proposed to or the wedding they want. There will be many little things their partner can use to bring it to life.

And make it a big surprise. Pisces will be excited when they are caught off guard.

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