The last two years have been exhausting. 

Self-care has become a major topic of conversation. From eating out and bubble baths to organizing a desk, taking care of yourself is a must.

So, what do the zodiac signs all do for their self-care? Read on to find out.

#1. Aries

Aries exercises. 

Going for a run, lifting weights, or playing sports pumps Aries back up when they are feeling down. Going for a hike or swim helps Aries clear their head of negativity. 

Getting those happy chemicals going will better anyone’s mood. But this is especially the case with Aries. 

Aries already enjoyed exercise, but it is good to prioritize working out when they aren’t feeling good. This is usually the first thing to go when Aries isn’t having a good day. They would rather curl up and sleep and be angry at the world.

Exactly what they shouldn’t do. 

Take a nap. Then take a run.

#2. Taurus

When Taurus does self-care, it’s all about how cozy they can get.

Taking a shower, putting on pajamas straight out of the dryer, and snuggling into clean sheets. They will be in heaven. For good measure, put a good tv show on and some snacks. 

Candles and a home spa treatment are also effective.

Cuddles from their significant other would be welcome, too, so make sure to give them lots.

#3. Gemini

Gemini’s idea of self-care is to go clubbing.

Letting loose after extended stress is a rush. Meeting new people they’ll never meet again and singing along with the music.

If not clubbing, they will be desperately searching for friends to hang out with. Gemini wants to be around people who don’t remind them of stress. All fun and games and no mention of what they’re running from.

Eventually, they will vent to someone about their stress. Gemini can’t keep that to themselves, if they do, they might explode. It’s a healthy way for Gemini to release pent-up emotions.

#4. Cancer

Cancer will do self-care by cooking.

Cancer will sip on a warm drink while they cook or bake up enough food for an army. Then going and distributing that food to all their friends and family. 

Taking care of their loved ones is how Cancer feels good. Food is their love language. They want to make something for everyone that gives them a slice of happiness. 

After a long day of cooking and spreading the love, Cancer will enjoy a nice bath. Turn on relaxing music and a drink and they are in heaven.

#5. Leo

Leo invented aesthetic self-care.

They will do the bubble bath with a fancy drink and book, an at-home spa, a nice dinner, and a movie night with their pets. 

And post it all on social media.

What? It’s hard for Leo to resist when everything looks so pretty. 

The likes and comments on their self-care social posts make Leo happy. They enjoy the praise as much as their night in.

#6. Virgo

Virgo spends a self-care night reading. After a long day of house cleaning.

Nothing feels better to Virgo than a day to clean the house and then sit and pick up a book. They’re mentally writing a book report as they read, but they find passion work soothing.

It’s rare that Virgo is able to read for as long as they want. There is always something ready to interrupt their peace. 

Virgo is always working on something in their mind. Reading is a rare thing that helps Virgo to fully focus on one thing that won’t cause them to worry or stress. Sinking into a story is the best way for them to relax.

#7. Libra

Libra saw Leo’s social post and decides to copy it.

Libra is all about the aesthetic the same way Leo is. They will often be found mimicking one another if their tastes are similar.

Libra is very into the idea of an at-home spa and lovestheir bubble baths. They like to add essential oils, candles, and romantic music to set the mood. Then bask in the beauty of it.

Libra forgot to post everything on social media until they were in bed. And by the time likes and comments were coming in, they were deep asleep.

#8. Scorpio

Scorpio and self-care is a friend showing up and making them.

Scorpio already had the wine, but their friend brought the face masks and nail polish. No matter their gender, Scorpio secretly wants to do all this. But their pride is self-limiting.

Luckily their friend is there to “force” them into cheesy self-care. And maybe even a rom-com or two. 

Once Scorpio loosens up, they are suggesting things to try. They will surprise their friend with a nice dinner for the movies or a couple of fluffy blankets.

Scorpio probably won’t admit it, but they are happy their friend is there and making them do self-care.

#9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is watching a comfort show.

For as much as Sagittarius is on the go when they burn out, a favorite tv show or movie is their go-to.

Sagittarius has watched the same thing a dozen times. They’ll watch it at least a dozen more on days they aren’t feeling so passionate for life.

Junk food and a laptop in bed is Sagittarius’ happy place. They may be chilling with a close sibling or friend as well. Sagittarius wants to share their self-care with someone close.

#10. Capricorn

Capricorn went hiking for self-care.

Capricorn enjoys exercising after a long week at work. They need to warm up their muscles and get their dopamine and serotonin up. 

Coming home from a good hike, Capricorn likes to hop in the shower and bask in the heat for an hour.

Putting on clean clothes, Capricorn then orders take out and plops down on the couch for the rest of the night. 

Self-care doesn’t have to be extravagant, just what works for the individual. And this simple self-care routine works just fine for Capricorn.

#11. Aquarius

Aquarius does self-care by chilling with their pets.

Spoiling their pets is Aquarius’ favorite thing to do. Days when they aren’t feeling up to everyday life can be remedied by playing with their pets.

Giving them treats, massages, grooming, and taking videos makes Aquarius happy. 

Aquarius will also give a close friend a call and chat for a few hours about whatever they are currently obsessing over.

As an air sign, Aquarius self-care wouldn’t be complete without social interaction.

#12. Pisces

Watching a show or listening to music that matches their mood is how Pisces does self-care.

Escaping into a tv show or movie allows Pisces to relax. It’s likely a favorite show they’ve seen a million times. 

Knowing the script by heart helps Pisces relax knowing what comes next. They don’t want something new right now. Unknown storylines are for a day they aren’t chasing an escape.

Pisces wants to turn their mind off for a bit and just enjoy the show.

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