How You Really Get Over a Breakup

How You Really Get Over a Breakup

  • December 18, 2019

Surviving a breakup is challenging, in fact it takes a whole lot of willpower and strength to get through a breakup unscathed. Life goes on after you break up with someone, however, some seem to get over the pain and heartache of a relationship breakdown much quicker than others. Is there some kind of special formula to getting through the terrible pain of a relationship breakdown? What is the secret of breakup survival? Is there a secret? Or do certain personality traits determine how quickly you will get over a breakup?

Every breakup is unique therefore, the way one person handles the situation will most certainly be different from the way another person would handle it. One person might spend hours and days thinking about their ex and obsessing over what he/she is doing. Another person might totally erase that person from their memory and focus on developing themselves as a person. What really matters is the end result, you must heal. You cannot spend the rest of your life worrying about your ex or hoping that you will get back together.

Breakups are traumatising, they can turn your world upside down and make you doubt everything you ever thought was possible in life. Most people will certainly go through some kind of grieving phase where they feel totally shaken up, lost, alone and scared. However, time is a healer and as time passes, things will start to get better. Change is difficult and when relationships end, they can shake you to your core.

When a serious relationship breaks down, it can make you feel like you have nothing left. Especially if you thought that person was going to be your lifelong partner, you will now need to reevaluate your whole future.

You cannot always predict how you are going to respond to a breakup, you thought that you would respond with poise and grace but you ended up staying in bed for days crying and watching Netflix.

The way you handle a breakup could be determined by your Zodiac sign. Today we are going to analyse how you might deal with a breakup according to your Zodiac sign.


Aries possess an uncanny ability to cover up their pain. As an Aries, you focus on other things to block out the reality of the breakup. You also don’t want to spend your time wallowing in self-pity therefore, you get busy and plan lots of interesting and time consuming things to do throughout the grieving process.

The Aries breakup strategy is to just keep moving, the more you busy yourself, the easier it will be to get over the heartache.


As a Taurus, you decide whether or not your relationship is over. When the final call has been made, there will be no turning back. To get over your breakup, you need to be comforted and pampered by your nearest and dearest.

Luxury warm bubble baths, fine wine, expensive food and your favourite TV shows will help you to get over the pain.


As a Gemini, your breakup plan is to get over it as soon as humanly possible. You will go out more and focus on meeting new people and switching up your whole vibe.

This will be the perfect time to work on yourself, spice up your style, get a haircut and lose the weight that you have been meaning to lose for a while.

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You fall in love with intensity and passion, dealing with a breakup means lots of alone time. You spend your time writing poetry and emails that you probably won’t send.

You might also binge-watch reality TV and indulge in your favorite ice cream. As a cancer you will get through your breakup by receiving lots of compassionate words and comfort from those you care about.


Leo’s are very proud therefore, as a Leo you deal with breakups by telling and retelling your breakup story to anyone who will listen. If your ex cheated on you then you will surely want some kind of revenge.


As a Virgo, your perfectionist nature would have prepared yourself in advance for the breakup. You would have already analysed the relationship to find out where things went wrong.

Then you would decide whether to work to get your ex back or to move on completely. As a practical person, you think logically so instead of spending time drowning in self-pity, you would rather do something else.



Libra’s find it difficult to let go therefore, instead of completely cutting ties they will remain good friends with their ex and use their charm and natural charisma to draw them in.


Scorpios find it difficult to get over breakups because they are such emotional beings. Their emotions will be fully heightened when their relationship ends, they feel rejected and unworthy.

As a scorpio you might feel the need to get some kind of revenge. You are the kind of person that will wait until your ex has forgotten that you even exist then you will carry out your plan of revenge.


Sagittarius can be very blunt and straightforward, if a breakup is needed, you will do it without a care in the world.

If they break up with you first, you will move on quickly by moving or travelling abroad to meet someone new and totally move on from your ex in the shortest possible time.

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As a Capricorn, the healing process after a breakup will involve putting all your time and energy into your work.

You will also use lighthearted humor to make things easier; there will be a sense of relief that you got out before you started to feel trapped in the wrong relationship with the wrong person.


Aquarius like to shut their emotions off so when you experience a break up, you will do the same thing. You believe that everything will be ok and you will be perfectly ok without your ex.

Aquarius cannot stand clinginess and neediness. They don’t like to rely on people for any reason therefore, going through a breakup will certainly not slow them down.


Pisces generally find it easy to forgive, if you are going through a breakup, you would have certainly tried hard to make the relationship work.

You will feel like your whole world has been turned upside down and it will definitely take a while for you to get over it. Your recovery should include putting all your energy into creative outlets.

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